Precision vs Jazz (If I Could Only Have One…)

The Jazz bass is more popular than the Precision… but many pro’s prefer P bass. So which bass is better?

Battle PvJ 4

Learn Those Tasty P and J Riffs

Just for fun, I wrote out all the riffs in this video for you here -

Which Bass Should I Buy?

If you're trying to figure out which to buy for your first bass, I made this 2 page PDF to help you get out of analysis paralysis and pick something!

Check it out here.

Precision players and Jazz jammers - which bass is your favorite and why?


great vid - one of the better J vs P out there for sure. fyi you mentioned kim deal twice in the PDF under P (tho she is awesome enough to be mentioned twice).

also would love to see a similar vid about active vs. passive.


Gotta just have both.
Problem solved.


and a stingray/humbucker.

and a rick.

and down the GAS hole we go.


As a guy who owns mostly Jazz and has just started to explore Precisions, I’m really enjoying that P sound!

I think I’ve noticed on a Jazz with stacked knobs (separate tone for each pickup), it seems easier to approximate the P sound.


It’s really more about the overall feel of the bass (body, neck) that makes me gravitate to the Jazz… that and the fact that I don’t play much motown and old-school soul :wink:

For guys like me, a PJ is a good choice (for me, it’s a bit of both; for others it is neither nor)


This is the best P vs J comparison I’ve watched, highlights the strengths of both, and shows how much overlap there actually is. Thanks for the tabs too, some great riffs in there!


I like the fast neck do anything Jazz bass, but I love the spacious feel of P bass. Tone wise I can live with either. Put a fork in my hand I’d eat Pasta before Jambalaya everyday and twice on Sunday :joy: it’s down to feel for me.


Both have their nice points, body feel and neck wise. But I’m all about Vitamin P when it comes to pickups, hands down.


If I could have only one……

It would have to be my Fender Precision Deluxe PJ…. It always ends up being my “go to” on just about everything…. Has played 90% of the songs I’ve played in jams, with bands, in most of the covers I’ve recorded, and is used most of the time when I practice…. Even though I always play every song with every bass I have so that I can figure out which one might work best for whatever I’m doing at the time, I pretty much always revert to my Fender Precision Deluxe (PJ) even though it is heavier than my Fender Precision (P)……

Keep on Thumpin’


Fun video, nice format and some tasty licks. I have neither a P or J bass in my collection yet…. I’ve got a PJ that I tinker with, but my main has humbuckers.


I’ve had a Fender P-bass, I’ve had a J/J bass, but most of my instruments have been P/J, including both my current ones.


For me its a P. The mid-range grunt and simplicity is awesome. I also like the roomy fretboard.

Before I’d go JJ again, I’d go for a double P.


Both! If I had to pick one it would be a J.


My go-to active Jazzy bass has a couple of Aguilar ceramic humbuckers instead of single coils. The pups sound fat and warm.

I can get a really respectable P bass tone out of it by soloing the neck pup and making a few preamp adjustments.

For me, I’ll choose the nut width, body shape and wide tonal versatility of a Jazz every time.


Definitely prefer humbuckers over J pickups.


If I could only have one?

This one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not your regular P-bass neck though on this one :wink:


Brilliant video! Probably the best one to showcase the differences so quickly after each bass which really helps.

I sold my P and use my J all the time, and there is a tiny niggle in my mind that still won’t let go - and that’s when I play really mellow stuff and the J can’t quite match the P for that.

Dammit. Now I’m looking at P basses.



I really love the simplicity of the P bass. I’m not a versatile enough player to need a versatile bass, although I own several. But if I had to pick just one it would be a P bass for me.


Many, many good (and some surprising!) Jazz bass tone examples in this video. Certainly not all the stereotypical single-coil tone some attribute to a “Jazz bass.”

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