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Hi guys,

I just noticed that my profile picture is always reverted. It looks like an account connection to another service is overwriting, Could that be?
If so, to which services is this forum linked to?

Thanks in advance,

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I had the same problem for awhile. I notified @JoshFossgreen and he had Bassbot take care of it.


I had the same issue, no matter how often I told the BassBuzz forum engine to use a pic uploaded from my PC, with the next login it had reverted to the Gravatar image.

For those who want to fix the issue themselves:
Gravatar is a service that lets you save various email addresses and then assign a profile picture to them, so that every time you use that email to register somewhere, the profile picture will automatically be used.
You can assign various photos to each email you utilise on Gravatar, and then choose which of the library pics will be used for all accounts you have registered with that mail.

To change those settings, go to the Gravatar Landing Page and log in with your user credentials.
You will then be presented with a list of all the emails you have registered with Gravatar and the photo libraries assigned to each mail address.
Choose which photo to use for a specific email address from now on (or upload a new pic and set it as default) and save your choice.

You will see that now your profile pic on BassBuzz has changed to the proper photo … and it will not change to any other photo again, until you assign a new pic to that mail address on Gravatar.


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