Pros and cons of semi-hollow basses (eg Reverend Dub King)

it looks like a bad attempt at making something that already looks classic look “more vintage”

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“More vintage” would be kind of prehistoric, right?

OK, my friends: the decision is made!

I have ordered the ugly ugly ugly Ibanez EHB1005SMS (silver).
Many thanks to everybody, especially @Al1885 who had the most convincing arguments against my spirit bass, the wonderful Avocado bass (Reverend Dub King).

After having seen the Danelectro Red Hot Longhorn and especially the Fernandes PIE-ZO, the Ibanez is not as ugly anymore as before, so all is good :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!!

EDIT @swiens I’m still curious, how your story will continue! Tell us everything. Post pictures! Post videos. I still envy you for that bass…


Ooh, the multiscale! I like multiscales!

Let us know how you get on with the angle of the pickups, especially that high corner. When I was looking for a multiscale, it was Dingwall vs Spector, but the angled rectangular pick ups of the Spector put me off - the Dingwalls are rounded - as I didn’t like the resultant thumb position. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Ibanez.


Yeah, I also heared it can be a challenge.

But my evil plan is to learn proper muting, by using the B string to rest my thumb on songs with standard tuning and use that learning for the higher strings consequently.
When I play my lower tuned songs on the B-string (mostly Drop D on my other bass) , I will use the thingy that you place between the pickups.

It makes the Ibanez even more ugly (right side of the picture below):

I am more “afraid” for the bridge getting in the way with plucking sometimes - tomorrow or the day after I’ll know! I’m also curious, what the fanned frets will do to my left hand.

PS Now I have to look for a wig, spandex pants and matching lipstick … otherwise the Ibanez cannot be played :slight_smile:

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Unless you are going for a really crisp tone and are basically playing on top of it, I would have thought the bridge will be fine.

Regarding fretting the fanned frets, it’s very intuitive. The only thing I need to adjust to is the distance between frets, up near the headstock, as in they are slightly wider apart: Dingwall vs my other basses. That said, the adjustment time is seconds.

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The change of distance between frets should be no issue, as I am used to my tiny Blackstar, and have to adjust when playing my long scale anyway.

So, the diagonal frets are not strange to you? I imagine, they can be a challenge with the higher notes (near to the body)?
Don’t care anyway, as I avoid playing The Smiths, New Order and Joy Division, if possible :slight_smile:

:rofl: me too!

No, the slanted frets aren’t a problem for the stuff I play…

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Any news? My Ibanez experiment is currently failing, so I need to have an open mind :slight_smile:

Guy never got back to me which probably works for the best since i just had to redo all my brakes. Cause of that it might be awhile for a new bass day.


That’s disappointing! I know how that must feel…

I still try to solve the kinks of my new EHB, but I have a bad feeling. It’s great and it’s not great at the same time! Very confusing :frowning:

I did not follow up with the Dub King, but I do have some offers now. Much to expensive, of course, but ok.

The issues that I have with the “geometry” of the EHB makes me reluctant to get a bass that I cannot play before buying . Or at least send back easily.

Oh, well … there’s always the triangle as an alternative :slight_smile:


Maybe it’ll just be short scales in general…

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My Shortscale (Vintera II Mustang) sounds great. I love to play on it, I just don’t do it because I want to get used to the longscales first.

@LeftpeffWolf & @swiens - I have heared many short scales by now, but never as growling, even from Royal Blood.

@LeftpeffWolf - have you played it in Drop D or B tuning? That’s a world of difference!

Never tried …

I will warn you; if you think a an EHB adjustment poses issues due to the small body, that ain’t nothin’ compared to the difference with a big honkin’ hollow body. They’re huge.


You read my mind - scary!!!