Pros and cons of semi-hollow basses (eg Reverend Dub King)

Somebody made a big “mistake” in another thread, mentioning the Reverend Dub King - and now I’m hooked.

This is what it looks like:

This is what it can do:

So, buying this bass would be a complete change of plan, and I would need to buy it in US (or UK) directly, so I would like to limit risks before I buy (I live in Europe).


  • What are the pros and cons of semi hollow?
  • Does anybody know the dimensions of the Dub King, especially total length and body length/width/height. Reason for asking: I rather like the “slimness” of solid body basses. But it looks like the body of the Duib King is quite “normal”…

Ask me in about 10 days … I’ve been GASing!

(Not one of these, though)


Which one are you GASing for? Why?


Number of basses required is N+1, where N equals the number of basses one currently has :laughing: Same as bikes!!

The thing I’ve bought - and I have bought one - looks freakin’ cool!

Tone options - I want to have a play with this.

Oh, and it looks freakin’ cool!

Currently at the guitar tech for a proper set up - it was buzzing like hell and sounded crap. But we are away for the week, so won’t be able to pick it up until next Sunday evening.

If I like it, I’ll keep it, if I don’t, I’ll sell it on. I bought it second hand and got a pretty good price, so shouldn’t lose on it (I hope).


Which one exactly?

One of these, in white:


You, very soon:

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Like any other bass, they all sound and feel different. However, I think even more so.

I went on a mad tear trying just about every semi-hollow / hollow body out there and was shocked how different they all are, and, how much I didn’t like most of them.

I’d strongly encourage you to try before you buy.

I ended up with a Gretsch as my first, a Hofner and a vintage Fender MIJ cause it was so different. These all sound completely different.


I have this Ibanez.

It’s very different from a solid body. It sounds way more “woody”, warm in the sense of an acoustic instrument. I use this bass when I want to sound close to a double bass, very useful for my country stuff. Here is an example :
Poor Man’s Poison - Pressure Cracks [Bass cover]

The cons is that such a bass can be hard to manage when playing live with high sound pressure. Also it can be prone to neck dive because the body doesn’t weight much.


That’s not possible, unfortunately.
Due to the specific neck construction (“Centerblock”?) the Dub King seems to sound more like a normal bass. Listening to the sound samples in the YouTubes I can follow that.

What do you mean with that?

it can be very prone to feedback

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Ah, it will be a few years, before I will dare to play live, if at all.

I expect the Dub King to be like a “normal” solid body bass, with the added “soul” of a semi hollow, if you understand what I mean.

yeah, kinda like a Telecaster thinline. very interesting instruments actually.

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It does look like the body on both the Telecaster and the Dub King is huge. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s a minus.
On the other hand the “depth” of at least the dub king seems kind of “normal” … it’s almost as thin as a solid body!?

EDIT I also like the fact that the Dub King is a short scale…

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I guess a ‘con’ when playing alone at home is that you get more acoustic ‘feedback’ from your bass, which sounds different than what is recorded. Since it is loud enough to hear (vs. a solid body) it can throw me off on what it actually sounds like in the DAW.

Not really a con, just something to be aware of.


Yeah, I have this with my little Kala Journeyman. I don’t play it anymore as I want to focus on my Blackstar and ESP (which I will replace with a short scale).

But I do like the sound of it. It’s like a tiny double bass. Never tried to run it through a DAW though. Maybe I should retrieve it from storage and try that out!?

Anyway, listening to the sound samples from the YouTube videos above, I really like the sound. It has something “special” that I haven’t heared on any other bass…

a Telecaster thinline is exactly the same size of a solid body Telecaster.

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Ah, so that’s one more plus for the “pro” side of the list!?