Protect your ears!

Hey guys - this popped up in my FB feed recently and I thought I’d share it. Paul Gray, the bassist from “The Damned”, is having hearing problems from what looks like excessive stage volume. Stay safe out there!


My dad was a doctor and he always reminded us to protect our hearing. One thing I really love about my ANC earbuds is I always have “earplugs” with me so I often wear them when I’m not even listening to music… shop at work, noisy office, loud coffee shop; it’s really nice to be able to reduce a lot of that noise. When I play, it’s through headphones or IEMs, when I go on long motorcycle rides I always wear earplugs.

The safe limits for noise/sound are: 85 dB for 8 hrs, 88 dB for 4 hrs, 91 dB for 2 hrs…

And if you have hearing issues, always talk with a medical professional; there are a lot of issues besides excessive noise that can cause hearing loss. My mother suffered from tinnitus for several years before they finally figured out that she had Parkinson’s disease.


Brian Johnson’s book is out, and in it he talks about his hearing loss and how he had to leave the tour.

I recently went to a rock concert and stupidly didn’t take ear plugs. Never again! I have some hearing issues and should have been more careful as one of my ears was quite bad that night.


Hearing loss is permanent but ear protection is an often overlooked necessity.

I always tell my students to get a set of earplugs designed for loud noises and I am not talking about the foam ear plugs. You can get good proper ear protection for less than $100.

I have several friends with tinnitus and can not imagine what it is like to hear constant ringing in your ears. One jam I attend has typically 30-40 musicians (no drums) and at that session I always wear ear plugs. On several occasions I have had people try to tell me that they are not necessary but there is always someone that steps up in my defense and tells them that they are wrong and describes their hearing loss caused by not wearing ear protection.


Any examples ? Might be worth investigating…


I suggest doing a search on Amazon. Like selecting a Bass personal preference is a consideration. I have used many types as they do wear out over time.

Here is a link to the ones I am currently using.


Looks good if I were regularly practising at “live” volumes with a drummer I would probably get something like that…

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