Quarantine Bass Ideas

I am trying to record some songs I have come up with. I have an acoustic guitar and the backbone of a drumset, and I am just barely okay at both of them to be able to mix them with my basslines. The only problem is, is I don’t know what software to use. I would use garageband, but I don’t have a mac. So right now I am using two really crappy apps on my phone (bandlab and music editor) Both definitely aren’t good enough to actually make music out of, but at least I can capture my ideas with them. Also of course bass doesn’t really record well with my phone. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!


Some ideas here:

Audacity is probably the simplest start.


What @howard said. :+1:


@Vik If you’re going to do this, It might help to give the event it’s own topic where people can ask questions about getting it all set up and how to connect to you.


Here’s what I came up with for the band I’ve got together.
Check it out, and below the vid I explain how I did it.

I did a bass track and - because my computer doesn’t have the horsepower to run iMovie and Logic at the same time - I recorded my part into Logic (straight DI)
Then I took a video of myself playing along to my own part.
Then I sent the video and the track (with the click track and without) to the band.
They each made their own video and their own audio track.
I took it all (except from the keyboard player… who just never got back to me - he’s fine and healthy, just not checking his phone) and had to do 4 videos in iMovie to get the 4 pictures to play together.
There are lag issues and sync issues (video quality differences, sample rate differences, just not syncing up cuz’ we’re humans, etc.) but the result is fun.

I made another bass track and sent it to the band. Hoping to make a few of these! We’ll see if people can keep things going. The malaise of stay-at-home-quarantine is no joke.


Oh, man, that looks like a lot of fun!! Keep them coming!!

I got a new song from our guitar player (sent by email), along with a non-human drum track (for now), and now he is waiting for me to add the bass. Nice harmonies, nice flow, and I have a gazillion bass line ideas in my head, but to get them out through the bass and recorded, for a 6 minute piece no less, might just take all of the current lock-down period :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Then again, not the worst way to spend some time!!


It’s amazing you could figure out how to do all that, @Gio . . . :slight_smile:


Great video @Gio! Thanks for posting. I’m looking forward to more. :+1:

On the Mustang, how much do you end up using all the switches?


Very cool!

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I agree and identify with all of this statement.

That is a good question.
I don’t use them at all. The bass is a Fender MIJ Juguar. It comes with PU selection switches and a parallel/series switch below the strings.
The switches on the top (strap) horn are to turn on/off the active electronics. The wheels adjust the treble and bass for the active electronics.
It is absolutely unwieldy, and the active pickups sounded real real real bad. I couldn’t figure out a good way to use them.

I bypassed all of it, turned the single volume knob into a stacked volume knob, put some EMG JAX pickups in there, and have been very happy ever since!


Thanks for this share - I’m sure this kind of remote collaboration was going on before, but I’m betting that this quarantine puts this method of interfacing with your bandmates into overdrive. I’m guessing anyone in an active band is going to have to do it this way for the time being, anyway. Really great how your video shows all the bandmates in the four corners, and, I think now I can appreciate the work you put in to get it all to sync up :slight_smile:


Oh that’s right. I accidentally called it a Mustang. It sounds great and I like how all the switches look.

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Thanks! I love the switches. Sometimes, if I really wanna impress people I fiddle with them between songs. Fun stuff.

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