Question about course extras mentioned in Module 16

Hey Gang! Just finishing up the B2B course, man what a great course! Sure hope there’s a second level in the works but I understand there may not be much more to teach that hasn’t already been covered in the B2B.

Hoping someone can help me. I’m looking for the links / resources Josh mentions in the last few lessons, about software or sites that allow you to alter the speed of a song, nand manipulate it making it easier to dissect? He mentioned there are several sites that you use to do this and he’d post the links in the course extras. I can’t seem to find them, anyone else have the same issue?

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Not sure those links exist, if you tag @JoshFossgreen like this he will see this and chime in.

There are lots of different apps for this. Search the forum you will find.

I prefer Anytune Pro+, have also used amazing slow downer but ditched it for the former.

@ronnielyons I use Endless Video to loop songs on YouTube I’m working on

You can drag the sliders to loop small parts ie 10 seconds and slow it down using the tools in YouTube.

I held out hope for years, but yeah, not happening soon.

Which is fine. He needs to go all in on YouTube while he’s got the momentum going. He’s doing the right thing here.

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Hey Ronnie! All those links are on the actual lesson page, I misspoke in the video and said “course extras” I think.

This is the program I like, there are lots of options these days but this one is only $39, does everything you need and not much you don’t: