Question about my nuts! (Nut width)

My soon-to-be-purchased bass wil have a nut width of 41.5mm.
I would like to install the ABM 6240, which has a nut width of 40mm.

Does this have any disadvantages? I know that size matters, but also in this case?

Note: I did this already on my sofa/travel bass (Blackstar), which has a stock 42mm nut, and could not find any issues while playing.
But the new bass is my “serious” bass, so it must be perfect!

I personally don’t think it will matter, as long as it covers the entire slot of the previous one. I love my jazz bass with a 40 mm width, and my mtd with a 44mm width.

edit: never used a brass nut before tho

I love brass nuts - but the main reason for the ABM 6240 is that it’s adjustable…

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I guess my question back would be…why?
Once set, I have never had a need to adjust a nut.
Seems fun but a bit overkill, unless it’s a fun factor, which I totally dig.

The extra 1.5mm will end up split on the sides of the fretboard, giving you a tiny bit extra room on either side. I doubt you will ever notice. Might have a bit of exposed non-paint at the nut slot depending.

Check width and height to match your current bass otherwise you will enter into woodworking skillsets you might not want to deal with.


Everything I do is cause of fun! It’s even in my middle name: Chris FUN Hoven!


What is your next “serious” bass?

If it’s a serious bass, the only immediate foreseeable change is the string set and nothing else. It’s unfair to the bass to immediately change or worse make adjustments to string spacing. Adjustable nuts are great for height but not necessarily width. I would not necessarily jump to that at first. If anything I’d preferred blank nut, bone or graphtech, or even brass, they are relatively easy to file.


Yes, will only change the strings. And the pickups, tuners, bridge, knobs, electronics and pick guard. And add shielding, cause it’s shiny!

But that’s basically it.

Oh, wait, and I will install Schaller Security Locks as well. But that should be all to begin with :slight_smile:

The colour of the body stays - a manly and heroic battle-ready metallic “burgundy” (my girlfrined says it is dark pink) - and I will name my bass “Pink’s hot”!
(No, I won’t name it!!!)

Exactly! The problem is that my preferred nuts - eh, lol!? - are 40mm wide. The stock nut is 42mm…

I like the adjustability of the ABM. But I could live with graphtech too - had them before and they worked out well…

Measure the string spacing at the nut on the new bass. If it is different from the Frankennut, then don’t do it.

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Will do - and this time for sure!
Still one question: the difference in string spacing can be 0.5-1 mm max. Why is this significant? Just to understand the physics behind it??!

It’s minor but you are altering the geometry of the string path from bridge to nut to tuners. This can alter the length overall and thus the intonation range.

Plus the intended feel of the bass (1mm in string width is like 5-6%).

It’s extremely minor but if different I would stick with the stock nut, or make one with the same geometry