Question about Pro Tools Light

Hi there,

I got a Focusrite interface that came with Pro Tools Light.
I am trying to record and I think I am doing everything right, but it is not recording.

  • The interface is connected and configured.

  • The monitoring is working. (I can hear myself through the monitor speakers connected to the Focusrite interface, and the volume bars in the track go up appropriately.)

  • I press the “record enable”.

  • In the new audio track I make sure the “Track Record” is enabled.

But when I press “play” and the time bar start to run, I play, and though I can hear myself through the speakers and the volume indicator goes up, nothing is being recorded to the track.

Any ideas?
There is nothing in the “help”, only all the steps I already took.

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I don’t use Pro Tools, but most DAWs I have used have a separate record button from a play button. Maybe that’s it? For example, Reaper:



It works fine with Audacity, like you described, but Pro Tools seems to work quite differently than most…