Questions about upgrading Ibanez

Greetings gentlemen & ladies,
So I have a cheap Ibanez SR300E that is probably my favorite bass to play. I honestly enjoy it more than my Schecter Stiletto and Sterling Ray34.
I want to upgrade the pups and pre-amp.
What do you suggest for an easy upgrade without having to modify the body?
Thank You


I’d check the dimensions of the Nordstrands and Aguilars they use in the SR Premiums, might just drop in. I know Nordstrand developed that pickup specifically for the SR.

As for preamps, check out the Darkglass Tone Capsule.


Agreed!!! I ran into the same issue when I wanted to upgrade my Ibanez SR370E. The pickups I wanted were VERY different in size from what is in it. So do your homework for sure!!!

The Darkglass Tone Capsule would be an excellent choice for replacing the Ibanez peramp.



So… just a couple of weeks back, I had decided to upgrade all the electronics in my SR300 (the precursor to the SR300E). I was gonna do the whole nine yards.

I was looking on Reverb one day and found an SR500EPB - which had the pickups I was looking at and upgraded electronics from the SR300 - at an only slightly higher price than I would have paid for the electronics alone, not to mention installation.

So my “easy upgrade” was “buy a new bass”. LOL. The good thing is that the SR500EPB matches the SR300 in weight and feel, so aside of a different pickup shape on which to rest my thumb and a better sound, I can’t tell the difference when I’m playing.


and if you sell the SR300, they cost even less!


What!? Sell a bass? Never. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, that bass and I have been through too much together. The day that I was bringing it home (my GF had bought it for me as a gift), we were rear-ended by a drunk driver at a red light; we were stopped, he was doing about 85 when he hit us. It pushed us through the intersection and about 20 feet past the crosswalk on the other side. The bass was in the front seat with me, as I didn’t want it sliding around and I didn’t buy a bag for it (I already had one at home at the time). Anyway, here’s what happened to the back seat, so I’m really happy it was in the front seat with me:

1936990_1202784622642_830160_n (1)


I have tried to sell the Ray34 but no one was interested. It is in mint condition and an awesome guitar. It’s just not my cup of tea.
Can’t sell the Schecter because of sentimental value.

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I have an absolutely mint Ibanez SR300 in Sky Veil Matte that I do not like. I also have a Sterling Ray34 that I absolutely love. Am considering selling the Ibanez for another Sterling. How much are you wanting on your Sterling? Do you have any pictures?