Ramp it up!

I’ve just fitted this Perspex ramp to my Jazz bass and thought it might be of interest to others. I’ve always found the position of both pickups awkward for anchoring a thumb on, with my thumb naturally wanting to be somewhere in the middle. This ramp effectively gives me a continuous 3 inch ledge in between pickups for placing the thumb anywhere along it. It’s easy to fit and remove (which I will have to do because I forgot to clean underneath it before fitting it - doh) as it’s just clamped on with the four inner pickup mounting screws. The guy I bought it off makes them in rosewood as well which would suit a bass with a natural finish but I thought Perspex would be less obtrusive


Can you provide more information? And a wider shot? I’ve a jazz as well and get the problem

It looks really cool


Sure thing. Here is a wider shot showing the complete fitment

I bought it from Egilegor Basses in Spain (www.egilegorbasses.com) and it’s listed as a ‘Clear Polycarbonate Ramp for Jazz Bass’. it will fit 4 string Jazz basses or 5 string Sires and costs 22.9 euros. As mentioned they also do a wooden one which is Blackwood (my mistake, I thought it was rosewood) but that is 31.99 euros. They shipped to me without problems in the UK but if you are outside of Europe it might be better to find a local supplier. I think they are fairly common, just search for Jazz Bass ramp.