Rattle along the fretboard :(

Tonight, I started up the courses again and noticed when I’d finished, I noticed that I’m getting quite the rattle when on an open E. Thinking it may have been a tuning, issues, I went ahead and tuned the Bass up as best as the clip-on tuber I have can do.

Still hearing the rattle, I feel like it’s the neck or my plucking.

I’m thinking to head out to GC to see if it is me or the neck.
I feel like I’m plucking across the strings, but without someone telling me I’m doing it it right or wrong, it might be hard to say.

I feel kinda like I’m losing some confidence, but we’ll see.

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Is the string seated correctly in the bridge saddle? And nut groove?

How hard are you plucking?

Does it happen on fretted notes too?


Like you said, it’s either the action that is low or the plucking. I tend to push down on the strings when I pluck hard and that often comes with a clacking sound of the string hitting the fretboard or a rattle :metal::laughing: :guitar:
But it’s a sound that you don’t really hear through the headphones.


I do that too, I tend to pluck slightly downward when playing fast and get a percussive effect. I decided I kind of like it :slight_smile:


@howard, guess we’re in for some scolding by Master Josh for lack of paying due respect to the Pull-Across :sweat_smile:


@howard @Krescht I think that it may be my plucking. Getting a feel for if your doing it right is slightly harder when taking a video course.

Worse comes to worse, one of the techs at the Guitar Center I bought it at will look at it for me and let me know.

We’ll see what they say and go from there. I think it may be me on this one :slight_smile:


@architecht13 It’s been awhile. What did you figure out?

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Yeah I had this exact issue after adjusting the intonation on my E string. It was buzzing all the time, even with an open string, and the buzzing stopped when I pushed down on the saddle. Tugging the string left and right and up and down around the saddle seems to have fixed it.


@eric.kiser @akos Turns out that it was the Bass. The neck had a twist in it and they went ahead and replaced it for me. Really cool fact, the box showed that it was the same model as mine (black Stingray SUB 4), but the Bass in the factory sealed box was a beautiful Olive Green SUB 4 HH.

They let me have at the same price and did a full setup.


Oh that right. I was trying to catch up on some on old threads and I wasn’t thinking about where you explained that in the other thread. That turned out pretty cool. Congratulations.