Re-learning Bass after much time away


I played Six string and then had bass thrust upon me as a teen in punk bands (and fell in love with it). with dozens of club shows

I had some training but its aces and spaces, many gaps. I have decent technique but over the last 30 years (yes that long) I haven’t kept up and am really enjoying filling in the gaps with all the little things I never learned. However, I cant fill an entire hour practicing playing 8th notes on open E :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember major triads but minors and modes are Jell-O in my brain and just repeating triads is dull after 20 minutes. Also my knowledge of theory is pretty much gone.

I am thinking of spending some time on a few songs from the 50 song challenge that I never learned and then come back to training.

Any thoughts on how to jump start training to fill an hour a day or where to jump ahead to?


Play and record a few of your favorite tunes. Then go after the 50 song challenge. When you are aching for some structure and theory the go back to lesson modules.


Welcome, @Danilo. Glad you’re here. There are lots of folks on the forum who played guitar and/or bass in bands, etc. back in the day. I did. I found that the best way to get an extremely fun and structured way to learn proper bass technique and theory was to sign up for the Beginner to Badass course. I don’t know if you have, or not, but if you want a real jump start to playing bass, B2B is the way to go. The amount you’ll learn quickly is astounding. Enjoy!


Welcome @Danilo! I’d recommend not skipping anything in the course, because Josh lays down some truths that can fill in gaps in even the simplest lessons. If you’re able to nail the fast workouts, then you can either move on to the next lesson pretty quickly or work on songs you like for the rest of the hour you have set aside. That’s what I did. I came to the course with a similar background, got through it fast, but it filled a ton of gaps for me, especially with rhythm and theory knowledge. It was game changer for me.


@Al1885 is right! Play your favorite (simple) tunes in addition to b2b!


If you’ve got B2B, you could go through at a fast pace and just do the fast workout. There is so much variety that it might just give you what you need to get back into it.

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