Reading sheets while playing

Tech question here. maybe?
I’m trying to make note of some shuffle and blues tunes that this old man band wants to play. I was hoping to make word or PDF versions of the tabs of songs and then flip along on the e-reader/Ipad.

getting good tabs is one thing, copying them to a file and making pdf… i’m new, did i miss the easy boat somewhere? is a print screen option the best way?
what is your setup, what is your play? copy and paste just isn’t working, (likely by design,) but do you guys have work arounds? my music theory isn’t strong enough to short form things, especially if the notes go in the binder and don’t get looked at for a significant amount of time. having notes on a paper is also an easy disagreement winner when the lead guy is like “oy thats in Bb!” …and you’re like …“you mean D? cause that’s how we played it last time?”


If I understand correctly, you want to have tab sheets on a tablet.
There are three apps that I use on a tablet.
ForScore is for organizing (existing) sheet music. It will scan or import pdf files which can then be edited and sorted. I am pretty sure that it handles tablature as well as standard music notation.
IRealpro is for chord charts. I use it to play along with tunes too. It is really powerful
Notion is a music writing app. There is also musescore.
My guess is that you might find forScore to be helpful. Files can be organized in a variety of ways; composer, style etc and set lists can be made. It works with a number of page turning pedals and the ipencils


Is Musicscore free anymore? It keeps nagging me to buy paid version, almost to the point of unsuitability.

But I can usually find bass notation in pdf form from someone’s bass treasury. Then I can run a fan without all the sheet music flying all over the apartment.

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