Reaper And Amplitube - What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to use Amplitube for the first time on a set of tracks I’ve already recorded.

I clicked the FX button to add Amplitube from the VFT menu. I get the GUI for AT.
When I play the tracks I hear nothing. My Solo is out of the picture at this point and I’m only listing through my headphones.

I set the bass track to “monitoring, no input” to see if that would help. Nope, I hear nothing, not even the backing track.

Any suggestions? I’m on a PC

Current settins

Possibly same issue as with Ableton, you need to find record button for a track you wanna record on. And I don’t mean start recording, that one which is next to play and stop.

Btw why don’t you just use Amplitubes DAW? For recording covers its plenty.

So you can’t just add an FX to an already recorded track, hit play, and preview what it sounds like?

Haven’t considered it as an option, but will have to try it.

You should be able to, at least when using Amplitube DAW.
I don’t see why it would be different in other DAW.
I didn’t use it as plugin with other DAW’s since it makes no sense to me, cause it already has everything I need for covers.

I figured it out. The device in Reaper is set to use my solo so I had to plug in my headphones into the Solo.

Ugh, I’m sure I came across this before. I’ll try to commit this to memory.

Was going to post that I did not have any issues with it but it sounds like you figured it out :slight_smile: