Reaper(?) Question

Quick gear rundown: Kiesel Osiris with SCP (P) neck pickup and RSC (J) bridge pickup. Fender Rumble 100 amp. Berhinger UM2 DAI connected to amp’s XLR line out. Reaper v.6.64 x64 DAW.

I am new to DAIs and DAWs, and especially new to Reaper. The Kiesel RSC (Radiused Single Coil) pickup is noisy. On top of that, every bass I own picks up noise from my PC when it’s close. Because I sit close to the PC when recording, I’m getting PC static in the background, and if I’m using even a little bit of the bridge pickup I’m getting 60 cycle buzz.

Is there a setting or plugin or something I can do with Reaper to filter out or reduce that background noise? It’s not bad, at all, it’s just there… and I don’t want it to be there.

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I don’t know the specific answer to that question, but you might get better response if you post in the Reaper Thread.


Rad! Thanks, @PamPurrs!

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Try turning away from the monitor. My SC-607 picks up a TON of noise from it while most basses do not. I have to scoot back or turn to the side

May be able to solve with better shielding but idk

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Try Reagate - it’s a noise gate plugin which comes bundled with Reaper.

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