Reaper Temporary License

Just FYI, in case anyone is interested, Reaper is providing a temporary license thru the end of March… I don’t know how this differs from “evaluating” Reaper, but just passing it along in case it helps anyone.

The link for the temp license is at the top of the page linked above…



Normal eval license is 60 days :slight_smile:

Basically this offer was for an extra 30 days when they made it. It makes less sense now.

But at only $60 everyone should at least try Reaper. Fantastic DAW.


So it just prevents the “buy a license” nagging?


And is also available to people that have already done the eval, yeah. I forget if they enforce that. They probably don’t.


that’s possibly my best investment since I started to dive into music.


Indeed. it’s a real bargain.


I might check it out. I’ve been using Logic Pro, which I love a lot, but I’m considering moving my music making to Windows. I hear people rave about Reaper a lot. I do wonder how it looks/feels compared to Logic Pro.

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I see Reaper as the Linux of DAWs.

As an interface developer, I think Reaper lacks in this field, the interface (especially submenus and vst configuration) is not the most beautiful out of them all. But what it lacks in beauty it compensates in flexibility

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Yeah, I kinda got that impression. As an Apple user, I’ve kinda gotten used to slick and pretty UIs though. I’m hoping I don’t find Reaper clunky because of that. Then again, I might just stay with Apple for my music stuff. Haven’t decided yet.

That’s the problem of biting the apple :wink:

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Nothing compares to Reaper’s speed and stability as well as it’s customizability. You can also run Reaper on 10 year old machine…which other DAW can do that? I wasn’t really thrilled with it’s GUI but once I started working with it I really could not care less at this point. I’ll take performance over GUI every time.