Recommended Books on Music Theory?

Just finished the course. Loved every minute of it. Still not at the bad ass level, but I am beyond beginner. Definitely some areas I need to go back to refresh and practice. Thanks for putting this together and sharing your love and knowledge of the bass. Do you recommend any books on music theory? I would like to dig deeper. I am excited for my musical future. Rock on!


The most popular book here seems to be Ari Cap especially the pentatonic.

Here’s the link

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Recently got this book Currently reading about intervals. I like the fact that there is a test at the end of each chapter so you can verify if you got it :wink:

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I just got Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People | Edly's Musical EdVentures and am working through the 1st ebook and have had so many lightbulbs turn on. They’re short, easy-to-digest chapters with exercises (and humor!) to make you use the theory/see the patterns yourself. It’s not specific to bass but does include bass clef in its examples.

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This is Ari Cap btw


This information is already on the B2B forum.

Check this link.

It’s always a good idea to do a search before starting another thread on the same topic.
Helps stop the forum from getting cluttered with the same topic. :+1:


Interesting how much the price for the book back in 2019 increased compared to today’s price. Spiral-bound was cheaper than paperback about $1.50. Now the spiral-bound increased so much in comparison to 2019 :hushed:

Price as Today

Price back in 2019