Recording covers via aux in -> interface

I’m planning in the next couple/few months to get a Fender Rumble 40 (or 100, 200, or 500). I currently mic my guitar amp through an interface to record in Logic Pro. And I’ve recorded some videos playing guitar by using my interface as audio input to my iPhone. But lets say that I want to use the aux input to a Fender Rumble 40, and use the XLR output from the amp to my interface. If I then use the interface as audio input to my phone, will the music I’m playing along with also be captured?

I don’t think the Aux In is sent over the XLR out on the rumbles.

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Yup. I looked up the block diagram for other nerds.


So if I’m understanding this correctly, the signal from aux in would follow this path:

Or am I just completely mis-reading that schematic?

Ill cant test on a “normal” rumble, but Ill have a rumble studio 40 that Ill can test it on. But it may have more outputs than a normal rumble.

Since mine have XLR as line outs, FX send/return as jacks, and a USB-out.

Let me know if you want a test…

I mean, I think the schematic looks like aux + input both go to direct out, but if you don’t mind testing I wouldn’t complain. I suppose it’s possible that the Rumble Studio could be wired different than the Rumble, but data is data.

Did just a quick test:
Pre-out = Only the bass
Post-Out = Both the bass and the AUX in

Did not test USB.

Ohh and if you can get a rumble studio, remember you get a looper in it as well :wink:

This sounds quite complicated to me. Why not bypass the amp completely?

I go direct from the bass into the interface (a Scarlett Solo), then into GarageBand on my iPhone, where I have already imported the various backing tracks courtesy of Moises.

When I record, I can listen to the backing and the bass via the monitoring - I have a set of headphones plugged into the interface. If I am going to add any effect, compression etc., I just use those in GB. I have used my pedal board between the bass and the Scarlett Solo, but only once as it is a bit of a faff getting everything out.

I’m hoping (when I get my amp) to be able to just have the XLR out carry the track I’m playing along with, as well as my own bass playing, directly to the camera on my phone, so there is no need to sync any audio/video.

For regular recording, yeah I’d just import the track into Logic Pro to play along with it.

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the headphone out could be a way to record the Aux and your bass signal at the same time.

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Oh so just run an instrument cable from headphone out to my interface?

yeah but beware of the output level. also you won’t ear the sound from the amp speaker, don’t know if it’s a problem in your case.

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Where in the world are you? Ill have a spare Rumble Studio 40 you can have if you want it… But its in Denmark !

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Oh wow that’s insanely generous but I’m sure there’s someone closer to you with a greater need than I have. I’m in Virginia, in the US.

It’s just a matter of saving my “allowance” for a couple months, since I blew my whole “hoard” on my bass. And until then I’m perfectly (well at least adequately) content playing through my interface via MainStage where I can use my monitor headphones.

What I would suggest instead - hang monitor speakers off your interface, run the aux audio in to the interface and monitor it, and just don’t record the aux track. This lets you be more flexible with your amp levels.

Then again my audio interface is a mixer with five instruments going in to it already so I look at things differently.

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Howard thats a bit like Ill do to, but every now and then Ill use the amp (and ended up with a spare).

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Yeah - I took the next step and realized I didn’t need (or, frankly, want) an amp at all :rofl:

I don’t strictly speaking need an amp, but my son is learning guitar, and in order to jam along with him both of us being plugged into an amp is sort of the best way to go for now.

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That’s the best option for sure. Just do the mix afterwards and that’s fine. That’s the proper way to record.

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