Recording our progress

Is there a thread where we make short videos of our progress or songs we’ve just learned to play, to get feedback from eachother to help improveme… And especially if Josh can give pointers?

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Try this thread: Post your covers!

Or this one: Post your original songs/compositions!

HTH, @mariacp

Cheers, Joe


Or, start your own thread, @mariacp, especially if it is one particular song, just like @studio did:


yeah I’d say the Cover thread would be ideal for a “finished” song, or a part with a little something (can be a joke or something) in the cover territory. (but that’s not a hard rule, as there are no rule at all - just the ideal use in the spirit of this thread)

a thread like The Chicken would be better if the idea is to progress with multiple iterations … and when you feel satisfied by what you do, you are very welcome to proudly post your record on the Cover thread

Also this post may be interesting : Bassline of the month