Recording Video and Audio at the Same Time

So, here’s my “rig”:

  • Kiesel Osiris P/J 4-string bass
  • Fender Rumble 100 amp
  • Behringer UM2 DAI
  • Generic Logitech webcam
  • Generic HP PC
  • Reaper DAW
  • SpleeterGui audio-splitting software
  • Microsoft Camera app
  • Generic Optimus/Realistic “hi-fi” stereo.

Here’s how I’ve got this all setup:

The bass plugs into the amp. The amp plugs into the DAI via an XLR connection. The DAI connects to the PC via USB, and to the “hi-fi” via the RCA outputs. Reaper is setup with input from, and output to, the DAI. I use the SpleeterGui software to split the MP3 of a song I want to play into separate tracks which I import into Reverb. I mute the imported bass track, create a new “record enabled” track. When I hit the record button, the output of the remaining imported, unmuted tracks goes to the “hi-fi”, and my bass plays through the amp while it is being recorded.

Here’s what I want to do:

The webcam is new. I want to be able to video record me playing along with a song for my review. I want the audio in the video to be the audio that Reaper generates; all the unmuted, imported tracks, plus the recorded track of my bass. I want this to happen while I’m playing in real time, so that I can review my technique while listening to the song with my playing in it. I’ve got this to work kind-of, but the only audio which gets recorded in the video is that coming from the DAI input… my bass. The rest of the song is not recorded in the video.

Is it possible to do what I want to do?

I figured I could probably do it by getting another DAI (the UM2s are pretty cheap) and running an input to it from the “hi-fi”, and setting the camera to record with audio from the 2nd DAI. But that seems to be a bit crazy, almost like there should be an easier way to do this by just capturing the audio which Reaper is playing and recording while it’s playing and recording.

Thanks in advance!


I’m pretty uninformed, but I think you could do this all with OBS software. My limited experience with it - it allowed me to easily choose video input source, audio input source, video output and audio output. It showed me video/audio in realtime and also let me choose recording filetype and quality. IIRC it even let me choose recording audio quality and video quality separately.

The best news is that it’s free and very popular - so easy to find how-to’s, demos, etc.


If you want to do the recording without sync the audio in post you’d probably need something like a Roland GoMixer pro or Joyo MoMix. Easy to use. Spare no expense then I highly recommend zoom Q8N 4K. You can do that without any audio sync in post. I have both.

@timsgeekery pm me if you want to take them for a test run.

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no, you have to sync them post recording (see Pam’s & my) tutorial videos.
that said, you could try to use the headphone out of your PC into your camera, IF it has a mic in or something like that, but not sure that is a thing.


The main issue is how to put the quality video and quality audio on recording without any kind of syncing. You can have two out of three with your setup but not all three.

In order for you to get all 3 you need to do them separately and sync or get an interface that would allow you get your input(s) together each, music track and bass and video from camera or phone.

Both options are great. Syncing video Ana audio is not very difficult but it’s addition steps. Getting a specialty interface can make it very easy to setup and a breeze to use, but it would cost you from $100-400.


Hey guys, you don’t need to sync in post-production - or do any syncing at all. (You also don’t need to do any post production at all). Syncing is necessary when you record multiple sources separately and then put them together. So just don’t do that. Instead, record everything together at the same time. Use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for free. - or other live streaming software.

It’s literally designed to sync sources in real-time so you can live-stream. Thousands of live-streamers use this software daily to stream on Twitch, YouTube, etc and their audio, multiple cameras, and screen-shares/games all have audio/video matching perfectly. And their use-cases are way more difficult than OPs. It’s routine for a twitch streamer to have 4-6 video sources, and 4 audio sources in a single stream - with ability to instantly switch between them or combine them in any way.

@timsgeekery could watch this tutorial and and use OBS with a session like this:

Video 1 - his webcam
Audio 1 - Behringer USB feed
Audio 2 - Reaper from his soundcard - so that he can control his mix of song stems*

(* note that he can control the overall volume mix by source using OBS’s built-in mixer so that he can adjust Behringer vs Reaper volumes. And OBS sources are really granular - its easy to grab audio from just one window on your computer)

Then if he wants to get fancy he can add overlays, or text. Or even (and this would be cool) have his cam as main video but the waveform from Reaper superimposed in the bottom corner or something.) One of the best parts is that he can save that entire setup as a “scene” and then call it up again next time with the exact same settings. That’s why twitch streamers love it - open OBS, open scene, press start button and they are live-streaming in seconds (but you can just as easily record instead of stream). Or you can just use the preview mode in OBS - and see/hear yourself in real-time and not record or stream.

(For those Rocksmith fans out there, OBS (with some specific add-ons) is how almost all those Rocksmith youtube videos are created - and here’s a video of how awesomely fun Rocksmith can be! )