Red and Black - Bayonetta OST - Bass Guitar Part

Amazing Bass Guitar Part on Red and Black
(Search YouTube for “Red and Black, Bayonetta OST” to find it.)

Although I’ve never played the game Bayonetta, I’ve been a fan of the soundtrack for a long time, especially the track Red and Black. The bass guitar part is just sublime in my opinion.

I also enjoy the Jazz influence on the entire sound track.

I commend the track to bass enthusiasts. It is my Holy Grail tune I hope to someday be able to play competently.

You should check the game out! The Bayonetta series has very cool art style for its genre (and I don’t just mean the “immortal librarian dominatrix” chic of the protagonist :rofl:). Not my favorite type of game so I never went deep but I definitely own one of them.

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