"remove" the bass line from a track

I’ve used this site for two of my covers. Works very well.


I’ve purchased 17 of these so far, from the US version of the site ( www.karaoke-version.com/bass-backing-track/ will take you right to the bass backing track section). They claim to have 37,079 songs available.

They are all covers (picture yourself sitting in with a local bar band). The instrumentation is generally pretty good, the vocals range from quite good to cringe worthy.

You get 4 versions of each song: one with the bass missing (of course), one with the bass and vocals missing, one with the bass alone, and one complete version. They click the song in if the bass comes in at the start, and they have redone the endings to eliminate fade-outs.

My only complaint is that despite the huge number of songs, they don’t have all the ones I want (probably more an indication of my eclectic taste in music).


I hear you… I guess this being (originally) for karaoke, they only have songs with vocals, but when it comes to my own preference in music, I tend to listen more to instrumental songs.


@gcancella I’m curious if that “less espensive” Elements version will remove bass. I’m not having much luck completely removing the bass with either Reaper or Transcribe, and would rather not spend $300 if I can avoid it.


Hi @PamPurrs,

I’m afraid not. The feature you’re looking for is called Music Rebalance, which seems to be only present on the Standard and Advanced versions.

Feel free to send me a private message if you want some basslines removed. I can’t guarantee it’s 100% perfect (less efficient with higher register basslines) but for most cases it works well enough


Well folks, after frustration with trying to remove the bass (with good quality) in both Reaper and Transcribe! with no success, I tried the trial version of this.
It works great, except you can’t save or export files while in the trial version. I was going to wait awhile before forking out the money, but then they sent me a 5% off coupon, so I couldn’t resist.
Now I have a fully functional version of RX8, so expect me to flood the Post your Covers thread with my covers.



I have no part in this whatsoever


You and I know better :smile_cat:


New here and I just wanted to chime in with a method I stumbled across that works great in Audacity. I tried the way you suggested in Reaper but couldn’t quite get the results I wanted. I also tried it in a trial version of Izotope RX 8 and that worked better than anything else, but it’s also expensive (it also isolates bass tracks reasonably well, but like you said it works much better with P-basses). So without further ado:

  1. Load track into Audacity
  2. Copy existing stereo track to a new one.
  3. Track 1: “Split Stereo to Mono”
  4. Track 2: Effect -> Invert
  5. Track 3: Select and Effect -> High Pass Filter
    Frequency: 321.0
    Rolloff: 48 dB
  6. Track 3: Set Gain Slider to 12 dB
  7. Track 3: Effect -> Bass Treble
    Bass: 12.9
    Treble: 0.0
    Level: -1.0
  8. Select all tracks (Ctrl-A) then Tracks -> Mix and Render
  9. Select track. Effect -> Amplify
    Amplification: -9.1
    [Check] Allow clipping
  10. ???
  11. Profit!

Welcome to the Forums and thanks for your very informative post, @dlawlis . . . :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


Welcome @dlawlis!


Yeah, RX8 is not cheap, but I figured (at the time) I was spending that much on pedals that I don’t need, and I’d get more use out of RX8 than I was getting out of the pedals. I sold a few unnecessary pedals right after I purchased RX8, and I don’t miss them. In the “time=money” aspect, RX8 has more than paid for itself in terms of time saved.
I have since learned to avoid the GAS and the pedal threads, and instead focus on practicing, learning songs, and recording covers.


Izotope plugins are awesome. I have almost bought Ozone, Neutron and Nectar myself. I have other plugins covering those areas but really those look top notch.

But at that price they kind of demand getting while on sale. PluginBoutique’s Black Friday sale was awesome and so those were tempting. Ended up not doing it though.


I’m more and more considering buying a RX8 licence, but I see very different prices depending on the licence type, and I’m not sure which one would suit my needs :sweat:

The main feature that I need is removing the bass line on various songs, obviously. I guess that a VST would be ideal for me as I use Reaper all the time.

Do someone have some comprehensive information about this ?

thanks ! :kissing:


RX8 Elements is on sale now for about $30 (77% off).

However I do not know if it has the features you need. There’s a chart at the link showing the differences between the editions. You might need standard.

Edit: Looks like Rebalance requires standard. Bummer!

I like buying from PluginBoutique to take advantage of both their deals and giveaways. The current free gift selection has a pretty good compressor from Melda, and if you select it, you can also grab a ton of other Melda plugins for free when you install it.


Elements doesn’t have Rebalancing, which is what you need to remove the bass.


Yeah, just saw that. Bummer.

Standard is also on sale for 25% off but it’s still $300.


@terb , you need to make sure you get the one that has Rebalancing capability, otherwise you won’t be able to remove the bass.

I paid $300 for mine, I think that is still the going price. It sounds like a lot, but when you break it down, it’s the cost of a couple pedals.


It’s a bummer the Black Friday sales are over. They were awesome on PB. Christmas sales coming soon most likely though :slight_smile: