Removing flatwound strings

I’m currently using La Bella Low Tension flats and I’d like to tune to DGCF. So add some tension, I’d like to switch back to my old strings which is D’Addario EXL165. Question, is it safe to remove the flats for later use? Also, the old strings got a little rusty. Is boiling the answer?


It’s ok to reuse string I put mine through the ultrasonic cleaner but if it rusts already maybe it’s time for a new set.

Nothing worse than playing dead or dying strings.


Actually, they’re not too old. I had my bass last march and I’ve used those strings for a month or two, then switched to the flatwounds. It only accumulated rust on my not so secured storage. :slightly_frowning_face:


If that’s the case why not? I’d add a tablespoon of vinegar to take care of rusts and when it’s done just relube. I like fingerease spray a couple of coats just feels perfect.

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