Removing the pickup cover on a sealed pickups

This is one coil of a BC Rich split coil Pbass style pickup. How do you remove the pickup cover?

This is the other BC Rich coil. Without doing this to the back side of a sealed pickup.


I don’t know too much about pickups, but I would hazard a guess that they might be glued or a press-fit. In the latter case, you might be able to pry them open by “just” pulling on the cover. If it’s glued, you could try sharp objects (knifes, chisels, …) or heat - but… don’t hurt yourself doing it, I see one band-aid already!

I found this to give you a tiny guidance: Opening and dissecting 2 vintage PAF Humbuckers - YouTube

My experience from fixing bikes and cars is, though, that some things are not meant to be disassembled… so be careful and only do it if you are more interested in having a look than keeping it intact. :grin: Good luck!