Removing TRBX174 knobs

I’ve searched these forums and Google searched but I can’t seem to find an answer to this question. How do I remove the knobs on a Yamaha TRBX174? I can’t see any set screw and I’m afraid of damaging the pots if I pull too hard.

I’ve read posts about members replacing their knobs but none mentioned exactly how that I could see. I would appreciate it if someone would explain it to me like I was a six-year-old. :grinning:

Doesn’t it have little screws on the side? Just loosen them and pull your knob :slight_smile:

Sadly not all of them do, some are held on by friction.


You can buy a cheap plastic puller to do the job. The reason you use plastic is to avoid marring the body.


You can also use a pick. Wedge it under the knob up against the pot shaft, and pull up on its edge. Keep doing this around in a circle and the knob will pop off.


@chris_van_hoven I double-checked again, and no it does not have any screws on the side. @Barney Thanks for the information and link. I just finished ordering one. :grinning: @howard I don’t have any picks, but I tried using a plastic orange peeler and I couldn’t get the knob to budge.


Made a quick demo video of how I use a polishing cloth to remove press-fit knobs:


Thanks, I’ll give that a try while I await the arrival of the knob puller.

Yup, ridiculously pricey for a hunk of plastic but we’re paying for what it can do not what it is. I have one and they do work.

Using two (small) spoons usually does the trick.

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