Replacement tuning machines for Yamaha TRBX 504

Hi everyone!

The tuning pegs on my Yamaha TRBX 504 bass are starting to show signs of weakness and I would like to change them. However, I can’t find the model that lt comes fitted with except that they are Gotoh tuners. Would you know a model that could fit in without me modifying the head?

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paging dr. @howard - you have a call on line 2


I believe there is a Yamaha parts site that @howard has shared before.


There is - I’m kinda surprised that not everyone in here knows it by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still no word from @howard? Okay, @Garovann, I’ll put you out of your misery: the site is

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Before ordering though - what do you mean by “weakness”? Do they just need to be tightened?

Thank you @Mike_NL!

@howard hard to explain it but it feels like I am turning the peg with no effect on the string, is there something I could be doing to improve it?

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Try tightening the screw at the end of the peg.

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Thank you, I will try when I get back home!

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Good luck!

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I would imagine that tightening them is all that is needed. Yamaha generally provides good parts on everything they sell.

Yamaha are always helpful with assistance for instruments, but this also depends on how old the instrument is, I could not get original tuners for my RBX 200 from Yamaha due to that model being discontinued, it was bought in around 1989🤔
but I was lucky enough to find a second hand one in a pawn shop for 1 replacement tuner, that’s when I pimped the second hand one with gotoh hardware and it became the bassbuzz bass​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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There’s also aftermarket like Gotoh and Hipshot. Hopefully tightening them will fix it.

It works a bit better after tightening the screw but it is not ideal. Would you know what gotoh model I should buy? I am not based in the US so I unfortunately can’t use the website that you linked.

I am actually not sure what the correct diameter would be for it; you would need to remove one and measure to see to be sure you ordered the correct one.

After that it’s basically choosing one you like and ordering the correct size; you also need to be concerned with the mounting screw hole lining up. If you are concerned about matching them it is best to replace all four. Remember that you need to make sure to get two treble side and two bass side.

If this is a new instrument you could also contact the shop to get a warranty repair.

I’ve got it 4 years ago and did not have a single problem until now! I will try to remove one to compare the dimensions with the ones on the gotoh website. Thanks a lot for your help!

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My pleasure, good luck!

Try Stew Mac, they’re a big supplier of guitar parts. If that doesn’t work, call one of the salesmen at Sweetwater, they turned me on to several repair sites they use. I went thru this with Yamaha on a new BB734 I bought earlier tis year. Needed a new G string peg and it took an act of God to get them to help me. I imagine that same tuner is in use on numerous brands and types of guitars and Stew Mac was the most helpful. Instrument Parts and Hardware - StewMac

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@Garovann also Ebay is your friend for odd parts like this.

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