Resonance or Cracked Speaker?

Greetings all,
I am hearing a buzzing coming from my amp (Fender Rumble 15 V3) whenever I play “G” anywhere on the neck. I’m thinking it is some sort of resonant reaction in the amp. The amp is new (not even a year old). I don’t get any buzzing when I use my VOX Amplug and headphones.
Any thoughts?

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I’m not an expert at this stuff, but it’s good you tried another “amp”. Would be great if you also tried another bass. If it is under a year old then it should be under warranty as well if it is faulty.


If you get it with all you “G’s” on the bass, then it is very likely a resonance issue. First thing I would do is put the amp/speaker somewhere else in the room and/or put it on something soft - hear if that makes any differences.

The frequencies of the G’s might also be in resonance with something else in the room - maybe even something that isn’t there all the time, i.e., something you carry in and out. Heck, it could be a screwdriver or some keys lying on the amp or nearby etc.

Of course, if you can clearly hear the buzzing coming directly from the amp, then it must be the amp - then try the first approach (moving, putting something under it, …)

Good luck!


Check if any speaker screws are loose.

Also check if it comes through 'phones plugged into the amp headphone out. Unlikely but if it does then it’s a preamp problem.


Thanks @JT, @howard, @joergkutter.
I’ll try those suggestions when I get home from work.


I bought a Fender Rumble 500, and it rattled whenever I played high F#.
I returned it.

The replacement did the exact same thing.

I hope it’s not a structural problem like I ran into!!


@Gio Did you end up keeping the second one or did you exchange that also?

@Vik Does your Rumble 500 also rattle on an F#?

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Well, I tried tightening the speaker screws and a different placement of the amp and it didn’t help. I was able to get rid of the buzzing by turning down the first pot on the bass. I guess I was over-driving the amp somehow.

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Good questions, @eric.kiser . . . I was going to ask the same. :slight_smile:

IF I ever upgrade my 100 to a 500, I’d like to know.

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I kept the 2nd one.
And, because it only rattled (faintly) on the one note, and because it is my practice / little gig amp and (mostly) because when I play it, there will be drums and guitars and noise… it’s fine.
I kept it, I use it, and I don’t notice it ever.

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What is your big gig amp?

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The big gig amp!!

It’s a Mesa Boogie M-2000 going into two Eden 4x10 XLT cabs. It’s louder than the loudest drummer by a lot.
So loud, that there is (most often) absolutely no reason to load the thing up and bring it to a gig. Not even with just one of the 4x10 cabs.