"reverse" tapping?

I am generally familiar with the concept of tapping from my failed attempts at playing guitar. I understand the general concept of using your plucking hand to articulate a note by touching the fingerboard—usually towards the bridge and followed by a pull off and hammer on with the fretting hand a few notes down.–ala the Eruption solo.

However, I have seen several bassists (including Josh) do a “reverse tap” where a note near the bridge is plucked as normal, but then the bassist uses their plucking hand to “reach around” and articulate a note on the fingerboard near the nut. I am curious as to 1) what this technique is called; 2) what it accomplishes that you could not otherwise by just moving your fretting hand down; and 3) when to utilize it.


My guess is that they want the fretted note to continue to ring, so they can’t release it. So, they reach with the other hand to continue tapping.

I would think that it isn’t “reverse” anything - it’s just tapping…

But, I’m certainly no expert, so… someone will correct me if I’m wrong…


If it looks like tapping and it sounds like tapping, it’s tapping :slightly_smiling_face: