Rhythm Training

I was reading the thread on Ear Training
and I use some of the phone apps and websites to do this (not enough admittedly) and I was thinking about Rhythm training.
This is one of my focus points in my lessons with @JoshFossgreen, and in my practice routine.

I keep looking for good tools for this, and there are some, including this web page with full written lessons and practice sheet music (don’t worry, it is only for timing, you don’t need to know how to read music and it is a single note that could be played anywhere) with backing tracks to train.

I ran across this site last night and it is probably the most useful tool I have found to practice with up to a point of difficulty.
So I thought I would share this website, THE RYTHEM TRAINER for anybody that feels like using it.
This is a very important part of learning music, and it might go a little under the radar compared to how valuable it is.

This site is customizable, and you can first listen to it, and pick multiple choice what you hear and see on the screen.
once you know it a little better, it will play beats to you and you need to select how it would be written on the sheet.

Anyway, enjoy if you want to. it has been helping me a lot and I have only used it for a few hours.


Thank you @T_dub
It’s something I have and continue to struggle with now and again. Not an every note thing but I can be a little early occasionally especially if I’m getting tense coming up to a tricky part of song.
What I have been doing is playing something simple at the correct speed then playing it 5 bpm faster / slower. Don’t know if it’s working as it’s early days but time will tell


Not exactly the same use case, but thought I’d mention Groove Scribe - I used it when I was learning drums and found it really useful.

It’s a web app where you can create your own drum grooves, see what it would look like on sheet music (see percussion notation if you’re not familiar with it), set it to loop and use as your backing track, etc. You can either start from scratch or take one of the basic grooves from the menu and go from there. You can also add extra bars with rests to train your rhythm skills (like Josh does in the ultimate groove workout).


The Web Rhythms website that gives lessons from whole note to 1/16rests and more is actually a Drum website, but it is great for anybody learning rhythm for any instrument. Especially the text part of the lessons, explaining them.

@Mac. The Rhythm Trainer website is great to start slow and work your way up… it only goes so far, but it gets into dotted 1/8 notes and 1/8 rests, so it goes a little further then B2B did. there is such a thing as A LOT further then B2B, and that is where you follow the link to the website I just mentioned above. after you master the first site, go to that one and start on lesson 3


I’ll give it a go @T_dub
I’m finding sometimes I listen more to the lead guitar riff than the drums :scream:


its not all drums. the website app, THE RHYTHM TRAINER is not based around drums, it is about reading dotted 1/8 notes, 1/8 rests, and putting them together in 1/4 note time frame for one measure.

The WEB RHYTHMS web page is a full lesson Cours on rhythm going further into 1/16 rests and syncopation and all sorts of good sutra to get even further into it.
That is based on Drum teachings and using a Snare Drum (notation) for timing. you can clap it, pluck open strings, pluck fretted strings, it doesn’t matter, it is all about timing and being able to look at a sheet of music (and tabs) and figure out how to play it in the right time.
Even if yo are reading tabs, like I do, the shoe it above, and that is where all the information is on how to play the notes.
The tabs just show numbers, sometimes notating hammer on and ghost notes and all, but the sheet really unlocks the mystery to the timing, so it is hugely helpful, even if you are not reading the music, just the time data.
Hope that explains it a little more.