Right hand plucking hit the pickup

Hi, I just had the Fernandes fr-40. It sounds great to me but there’s a problem I encountered that did not happen with my previous PBass. That when I pluck the strings, especially the D and G string, I alws hit the pickup and it creates a
plastic sound. Although no sound go to the amp but it’s feel and sound are uncomfortable to me. I wonder If it is because of my right hand position or because of the bass?
Here’s the bass:


Your fingers hitting the pickup is not necessary a bad thing. The strings hit the pickups now that’s not a good thing.

You can just tighten the pickups screw to lower the pickups and/or raise the string action at the bridge, this should fix your strings hitting the pickups and produce no sound. As I said before, fingers hitting the pickups is not a bad thing.

Many players, myself included prefer to have fingers contact underneath the strings that’s why I install fingers ramp. It actually provides consistent feel and it could lead to better, smoother and faster playing. Some pickups even come curves with radius similar to your bass’s fingerboard.


It also looks like your pickups are high and uneven. Maybe they need to be adjusted.

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Split precision pickups are often setup unevenly with the center of the pickups raised a bit. This is to compensate for the curve of the fretboard. If the A and D string aren’t louder than the others, it’s probably setup okay