Righty-vs-Lefty Percentage On The Forum

Hi! I’m a lefty player, which way do you play?

  • Right Handed
  • Left Handed

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Interesting concept because as a right hander its actually my weaker left hand doing all the hard work


Same here! Even something as random yet simple as wiggling my fingers seems so much faster on my right hand.

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I’m a LEFTY and I have thought the same thing. I was thinking the fingering or fretboard work should be done by my dominant hand… go figure. I have a buddy that plays bass and is a righty, it’s tough to chug through single notes on his bass. Our bodies and minds work in mysterious ways.


Bass right
Rifle both


I play bass righty. I do just about everything righty with the exception of a few things. When I was in archery, I couldn’t hit a bullseye to save my life, but when my archer coach switched me to a left handed bow, I hit the bullseye every time. Weird.
I shoot my guns righty.
I can shoot pool either righty or lefty, which makes me a fierce competitor on the tables.


That is a very useful ability.
My eldest daughter is right handed but shoots a mean .22 with her left. Very handy when we used to do a lot of bunny shooting out of my 4x4
I too did a lot of archery in my younger days and have considered taking up bow hunting again as I’m no longer allowed firearms of my own


We have a good amount of leftys it seems!

yep i always wondered that myself and considered learning left handed so my dominant hand could do all the fretting. however i have NO rythmn in my left hand. i still have a proclem coordinating both hands to the same string sometimes. LOL