i’m always paranoid i’m going to scratch up the back of my bass neck with my wedding ring. just watched a youtube video where some guy was playing bass wearing his wedding ring on his right hand.



You sure you are still married after that Bongo arrived?




@itsratso :rofl::joy::rofl:


I have seen many videos in which the guitar player is wearing a wedding band on the right hand. I never knew why, but now I do.

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I almost always take mine off when I play, unless I forget. I’ve never had it catch or anything, but I’m paranoid about happening too.



I guess it depends on your ring and how likely it is to catch on anything or scratch anything. I’m just not sure when that part of your ring finger would ever be in a position to cause harm? I’ve never taken my ring off and never had any issue. Unless you have a big ring or are wearing it on a different finger, I wouldn’t worry about it.


I was just going to start a new topic about rings, and was alerted to this earlier thread.

As a new-to-playing left-hander:
With my wedding ring on the plucking hand, so far have not had any worries or trouble with it. But - I have been wearing a pinky ring on my fretting hand, and had concerns about it. It’s adjustable, and has two small parts to adjust the size, which protrude on the back. In some of the B2B exercises, sometimes the back of this ring hits a string, but I’m also wary that it might scratch the surface of the bass.
I have been taking the ring off when I practice now, and from the earlier comments it seems the general feeling is that it’s best to err on the safe side. I just wondered if a smoother, flatter back might work on the fretting hand.
[note how I used “fretting” and “plucking” hand vs. “left” and “right,” as a nit-picking lefty! :roll_eyes:]

Why would you take it off? Use it as a slide :sunglasses:

Thanks for the suggestion - maybe I’ll try it!

Does that mean you wear your wedding ring on your thumb? I have no experience in the rings department but I thought it typically went on left hand third (ring) finger.

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@Never2Late @bjams

just wear it on your other (plucking) hand. took me a few weeks to get used to it but now I never notice. :+1:

I could do that, but for idiosyncratic reasons would prefer to wear it on the right hand. I’ll figure it out, and probably either wear it on the left, or switch when I’m playing bass. Or just not wear it.