Rocking on! Lessons, jamming, music

Hi again groovy inhabitants of the nicest place on the internet!
I’ve been away for a really long time, for no particular reason, carried away and distracted by other things. I’ve looked in every now and then and was really saddened by the passing of @Jazzbass19 and learning of @PamPurrs’s cancer return. I hope you are doing well.
After @John_E so kindly summoned me the other day, I thought today is the best occasion to give a little update: Because I actually jammed with another person! A guitarist friend of mine and I have been saying we should for ages and now finally did! We spent four hours on “Rocks” by Primal Scream, Roadhouse Blues by The Doors, I could dip into my 50 Challenge repertoire and showed off some Hound Dog, he improved over the Crazy bass line and we did a quick run through Blitzkrieg Bop. We even improved a little 12 bar blues. Wow, now writing it down, I realise just how much we played!
I was a bit nervous before we started but that was all gone once bass and guitar were tuned, plugged in and I just started playing.
Admittedly, it wasn’t totally new territory as I’ve started taking in-person bass lessons a few weeks ago. After not yet but quite finishing B2B (I really stretched that out and maybe just didn’t want it to end, so I kept the last module unfinished), and struggling with motivation, it was time to move away from computers and virtual bass life to keep me going. My teacher and the lessons are pretty different from @JoshFossgreen. What they both share is real enthusiasm for their students and for music. We are a bit all over the place with little structure but a lot of spontaneity, ideas of what to practice, theory bits that go over my head but sometimes semi-click a few days later. Last time he lent me a Jaco Pastorius CD, another time a book, every time he brings copies of notes and other materials. Most importantly: we’re having great fun and the moment he had me play a bass line for the first time and then just improvised a bass solo over it felt a little magic and I thought: Wow, we’re actually making music! So lessons sometimes feel not just like teacher and student but increasingly like two musicians playing together (well, one and a half).
I’ve gotta say, B2B had me really well prepared for that and without I’d probably feel a bit frustrated with the lessons. But I feel they complement each other and everything will make more and more sense as we go along and find our teaching-learning groove together. And when I need more structured practice, I simply go back and pick one of Josh’s lessons :wink:
So, that’s where I am now. I’ll try and pop in a bit more often again. :slight_smile:
Until soon, take care!


Fantastic update @Regina !
Thanks for sharing, so happy for you.

This is my next goal, jamming with one other first then some more etc.


It’s really good to hear from you @Regina . I’m glad to hear things are rocking in your life.


Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats Regina!


Hi, Regina! I’m new here and new to bass, but my no. 1 dream is be able to play with others in front of an audience.

It seems to me that you already fulfilled this dream (well, at least the first part!). Well done!


You’ve come to the right place to start that journey. The forum has certainly created the feeling of being with others and posting videos on the 50 song challenge threads has really helped me build confidence. And it’s great fun :slight_smile:


Very cool @Regina! It’s always cool to hear how people are progressing and taking on new challenges.