Has anyone tried the new Rocksmith+ in addition to B2B?

I have Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition and I play that on Xbox Series X whenever I want to take a break from lessons and just jam to some familiar tunes. I’ve found that its not a great teacher by itself but its a fun distraction that helps build calluses and confidence.

Has anyone used Rocksmith+ and do you have any opinions on it? Also, are there any other interactive programs for PC that you prefer to Rocksmith+? (Minus B2B, of course)

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I’ve got the original Rocksmith for the Xbox and it’s sat in a draw under the TV :joy:
I do however use Yousician daily and really enjoy it

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I don’t know if this meets the criteria for what you’re asking @arm006 but yesterday I accessed the free 3 months of Fender Play. When I bought my bass I got a voucher code and because I’ve finished B2B (and repeating it), I thought I’d try it out just to add something different in the mix. First impressions are that Fender Play sucks. When I have more time I’ll sit down and try to navigate the site properly, but after answering some very silly questions to determine the difficulty level, I have been given this weird combination of ‘lessons’. But it also made me realise just how much Josh teaches us.

I always like to try free trials where possible, just for something different so I’ll see if I can make a note of which Fender Play lessons I can incorporate in to my general practice, but initial impressions aren’t that good.

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I have the subscription for Rocksmith+. Compared to RS2014, it has more of a learning approach, but they also leave you kinda hanging, I checked out the lessons, there are some good practice etudes in there, but for me, the difficulty from one to next has a big gap in there, it goes from “This is easy” to “woah, you gotta be kidding me?” pretty fast, and I only looked at the lessons that are grouped under “basic”.

But I got Rocksmith more for the song library, anyway. And this is where RS+ unfortunatly does not shine, at all. At least for most people, me included. They need to step up their game and add lots of popular songs.

I suggest you check out their songlibrary: Rocksmith+ Song Library | Ubisoft (US)
and see for yourself if you find enough there to keep you happy. What they should do is do more things like suggestions, but I guess for that to work I have to play more. Because my favourite stuff isn’t in there, I have tried out other stuff and did find some things that were quite fun to play that I wouldn’t have found if everything I like was there. So that is that.

What it does better than RS2014:

  • Better lessons (but still far away from B2B)
  • Better visualisation (IF you rather have tabs. Note highway, debatable if it is better)
  • Better sound (although RS+ has a little bit of noise with my DAI which RS2014 hasn’t, the sound is just a bit crisper)

What it doesn’t do as good as RS2014:

  • song library

Currently, I am back to RS2014 because I really try to get Thunderkiss '65 down.
(I am taking @JoshFossgreen advice to treat yourself to another bass when you have learned a song)
And this is something I noticed for me: RS2014 is crap for learning songs for me. I can use it as a guide, until I have committed every part to memory, or loop over sections slower to play them until I get them right. But for learning those parts, I really need tab, So that is where I need to rely on other sources.

I had high hopes for RS+, but unfortunatly, the song lib currently breaks it for me.

I do have some experience with Fender Play from when I first got my bass, but I remember it wasnt very good. The lessons were strangely organized and I believe their tabs were written backwards with the E string at the top. It was months ago but I just remember something about it threw me off. Its actually why I picked up BassBuzz and I’m very glad I did.

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Thanks for that info. I had heard that the track list wasnt that great. It’s amazing how they boast about 8,000 songs but it’s really a quantity over quality situation. I don’t mind having songs that I have never heard, but they should be surrounded by the popular stuff. It’s fine to play some indy band from Denmark, but I want to play The Offspring! I have also heard that not all songs have a Bass arrangement, and that available Bass songs are far fewer than standard guitar.

Sounds like Ill just stick with 2014 for now. At least I’ve already purchased tons of song DLC for that, and I recognize the songs.

I have looked at Yousician but I’m not too familiar with it. I think I was scared off by the premium price. I also like playing on the big screen which is another reason why I haven’t tried RS+ yet, they haven’t released the planned Xbox version.

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