So, I picked up a Roland GO:MIXER PRO-X. Pretty cool device. Today, I started playing with the Roland 4XCAMERA app on my iPhone, but I’m running into a weird issue. When I set the 4XCAMERA app to play music (by tapping the little window-over-window icon, then tapping the music icon, then selecting a song from my iTunes library) I get a message that “this song is not compatible with the app.”

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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I’m pretty sure you and @Al1885 are the only people on BassBuzz who’ve used them. You might be better off contacting Roland on this.

At least I’m in good company. :smiley:


lol. You can’t play any music straight from iTunes to many apps, simply because they think that we are thieves.

You can try screen recording and loading to Moises then use it or just taking the song from files


Yeah my first thought was that it probably needs to be converted to strip the drm. Make it an mp3…

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Yeah, at that point… just run a line from my PC to one of the other inputs, play it through iTunes from there.


I have figured it out!

If you have an Apple Music plan, it won’t let you play the song. But if you go to the iTunes Store and buy the track, then it will let you play it. Evidently, you don’t own the track when you’re on an Apple Music plan, but once you buy the track it’s yours to play how you will.


I was looking at these, would you say they’re worthwhile?


For sure. I really like it, especially with the 4XCAMERA app. It’s super easy and it sounds pretty damned good.


Yes if you don’t want to spend extra bucks on a unit like the zoom Q8N 4K, or sync audio in post.

It’s easy to setup and relatively cheap and produce pretty good video all from your phone.

Here’s one I posted a few years ago using the go mixer pro and the camera 4 app and iMovie on my iPad.

As the matter of fact, I recorded with my 12 pro max and it’s still a better video quality than the Q8N but nothing on the market so far matches the audio quality and flexibility.


You had me at cheap and easy.


Well, while there’s nothing wrong with the functionality of the go mixer pro. I highly recommend you checkout the JoYo MoMix

The have the same function and features but the JoYo comes with the type C connection and not the micro usb on all of the Roland’s. Both units are so light much lighter than the instrument cable instability as it/they kept lifting the mixer and caused the usb connection to fail earlier.

My GoMixer Pro failed (USB port) after about 10-12 hours of use. I own the unit for about 6 months. I’ve never had the chance drop it off to Roland as they are about 30 minutes away. I bought the JoYo and it works just as well and cheaper too.