Rukmble lt 25 inner presets

Hi guys, anyone can help me?
In my Rumble lt 25 (is new) is impossible to see the inner presets from 30 to 50
I dont know why… following the instructions e upgrade firmware still i cant see…
I think that in 30 preset clean i can create, please anyone can post a list of parameters of each presets 30 to 50?
many thanks to want to help me


Hi @musivarius, welcome to the forums! According to the Rumble LT 25 owner’s manual, you need to use the “Replace” function to access preset numbers over 30:

Any existing preset can be replaced with another by pressing the SAVE utility button, using the ENCODER to scroll to and select “REPLACE” and choosing from 50 replacement presets (the 30 factory pre-sets, plus 20 additional presets listed on page 3). After selecting “REPLACE”, use the ENCODER to scroll to any of the 50 available presets; each one is automatically “previewed” so the user can hear the sound before the preset is loaded. Press the ENCODER to select the preset, confirm it by using the ENCODER to scroll to and select “NO CANCEL” or “YES REPLACE” (not shown) and save and save it in the chosen slot.


This video may be of help to you. Start it at 4:40.


Hi Mike, thank for answer,
the replace function dont work, i think is defect production, i buy it on line from a shop in Germany, i live in Italy, is difficult and expensive for me the return ship, the most simple thing for me is create in the blank preset the 20 additional presets, but i must know the parameters, im looking for that…if someone want to help me and transcribe for me I will so glad .

Hi @musivarius,
If you bought it online from a German shop, I’d recommend you look at the following website:
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, if I understand this correctly, the presets above 30 are empty? Have you tried using the Restore function to reset the amp to the factory presets and settings? You can find the procedure on page 17 of the owner’s manual.
If you are sure the amp is defective, I’d get in touch with the shop that sold it to you. Many shops will allow you to send a defective item back at no shipping cost.


Yes Mike,
yes over 30 are empty the display dont show over 30,
i tried to restore but is the same thing
for me is more simple recreate the 20 additional presets but I must know the parameters…searching a rumble 25 owner…

You could try Fender customer support to answer that question. Customer Self-Service

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I have never touched one of these, but is it possible it doesn’t show the presets over 30 because they’re empty? Have you tried to save to 31?

Download Fender Tone (only the desktop version will work with The LT 25).
You should be able to access all the presents and even get a lot more.

the OP hasn’t posted to this forum in 11 months :eyes:


so it should only be a few more months before we stop trying to help.