Rumble Studio 40 Bluetooth connectivity issues

Anyone using this amp have this issue with the app?
Pretty much 90% of the time the app does not find the amp on my iphone or ipad. i have to reboot amp or ‘disconnect all devices’ and it will connect once again, then same issue. I have insured the firmware is all updated and that wifi on all the time is turned off as some suggest.

Any help will be welcome.


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Hmm. I dont have that problem with mine. It always connects.

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Might want to try cleaning the sensor. My phone has connection issues occasionaly and cleaning the face clears it right up

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No issues with mine, is everything up to date as far as software?

Yes it is.

So far the only way i can get it to connect is to turn bluetooth off and then on again at the amp. Powering on/off doesnt even work. Going to research more and call Fender too.