Rumble Studio 40 Bluetooth connectivity issues

Anyone using this amp have this issue with the app?
Pretty much 90% of the time the app does not find the amp on my iphone or ipad. i have to reboot amp or ‘disconnect all devices’ and it will connect once again, then same issue. I have insured the firmware is all updated and that wifi on all the time is turned off as some suggest.

Any help will be welcome.



Hmm. I dont have that problem with mine. It always connects.

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Might want to try cleaning the sensor. My phone has connection issues occasionaly and cleaning the face clears it right up

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No issues with mine, is everything up to date as far as software?

Yes it is.

So far the only way i can get it to connect is to turn bluetooth off and then on again at the amp. Powering on/off doesnt even work. Going to research more and call Fender too.

So here is something interesting.
I got my replacement Studio 40 amp and it works fine.
I asked Empire Music (whom I bought it from) for a return label to ship the defective amp back.
The guy told me Fender doesn’t want them back, I need to destroy it physically and take photos so he can get credit for the defective amp.

Seems fun, yet wasteful.


If they don’t want it, but it works (other then the wifi), maybe you could sell it? Even I might be interested, even though I’ve been thinking of a (non-Studio) Rumble 40, or a Rumble 100.

I’d have to pay full price for it, and, it has other issues with the speaker etc.
Still odd that something cannot be rehabbed, etc.

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Okay, I re-read your post and see how it is. Sorry I missed the photo part!
Glad you got a replacement, though.

Take it apart and take all the good parts out first?

I am trying to figure out how to make it look damaged enough but salvage somthing just on principle.

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That’s the spirit :slight_smile:

At minimum the class D power module should be fine? And the amp cabinet?

I can also save the logo on the grill and stick it somewhere.

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Maybe just set it out with the garbage, take picture, send that, bring it back in :slight_smile:

I’m having same problem with mine and I’m on my second Studio 40. Not sure this is specific to connecting with Apple products. IDK if you’ve solved they problem, but it would be incredibly helpful if you wrote Fender to complain about this. I’m talking to them now and we need more noise from other clients.
Thanks and good luck,

The second one fixed all the issues @nickt, and my case is logged with Fender for sure.
Using Apple iPhone and iPad an no issues since the swap out.

BWT, welcome to the forum, glad you are here!