Ruokangas Valvebucker for Bass

Ruokangas has released a pickup with a built in tube. It requires its own pedal to power the tube and active electronics.

Valvebucker for Bass (

So, who’s going to be the early adopter? Could be a cool project if you’re willing to drill a giant round hole in the middle of you bass.

I’m guessing they will build one for you with the Valvebucker in it, but I couldn’t find the pricing or build option on their website.

Edit: I found some information ( saying they only sell it as part of a new bass order. I don’t know how much the bass will cost but the Valvebucker pickup system, by itself, costs $2000 to $2200.

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Interesting pitch. I’m gonna hold out for the Helix patch I think :thinking:


LoL! Good call.

I was all “well I’m building a DIY bass and have yet to route for a pickup…

$2000?? Naw :joy:

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