Rushing or Dragging?

I really want to send kudos to @JoshFossgreen for what I just got out of Module 14. Through this entire process of learning to play bass, I’ve struggled with trying to coordinate alternating plucking of my right hand with with the left hand fingers dancing around on the fretboard, all while trying to keep rhythm. I have been unable to do it until I got to the “Ultimate Groove Workout”. THANK YOU JOSH!
Throughout this module, he asks, “Are you rushing or dragging?”. He asks this in his usual mild mannered way, but I couldn’t help but think of this scene from the movie, “Whiplash” in which the tyrannical music teacher asks the same question, in a not-so-nice manner. I just had to post this clip from the movie.


Haha, this is the most in common I want to have with that guy. :slight_smile: Glad you dug that exercise Pam! I’m still doing it too.


Wow I never heard of the movie… but liked the clip, so decided to watch it tonight. It was pretty dam good!


Yeah, definitely a movie worth watching. Very intense.

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