Same note on same fret on same string

Why do I get the same note on the same string? No matter what fret I’m on. I tried to post a video of my problem. I need help please

Not sure why you’d expect a different note from the same fret on the same string, but maybe I misunderstand. If your action is set up incorrectly it’s possible that a higher fret is interfering with the string when you’re fretting a lower one?

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Just put a pencil under different fret positions and see if the tone changes. If so, one of the higher frets gets in the way - like @EvilGenius says.

If not, there is an issue with space-time at your location :slight_smile:

seems most likely that based on the shim you put in, the neck is bending back so far that the higher frets are hitting the string before the note you are actually fretting is hitting the string.

(EDIT: looks like @terb said the same thing on your shim post)


+1 to this.

I had this with high frets on a bass of mine.
For me it wasn’t a neck issue, it was frets, but if there’s a shim involved, that may well be the culprit.

I hope the fix is easy and painless!