Save a headstock...maybe

I just picked up this little thing from Stew Mac. My bass stand is a bit far from my desk where I practice and sometimes I want to out my bass down for a second or two to get something/grab something, etc but nowhere safe to do so without fear of that gentle lean that turns into CRASH!

Rubberized bottom. Does a good job. Isn’t going to stop you from knocking the bass over if you run into it but that’s not the point of it.

Figured I’d pass it along for anyone in the same boat.


Very cool idea :+1:


I always just thought those were for people that want an alternative solution to clean their fretboards instead of a mat and a prop on a table.

But you’ve changed the game for me. I’m adding something to my cart now. :laughing:


I’ve always like these foldable bass guitars stands. They have different models or cheaper priced ones. The one I’m posting is one of the better ones.

it is more bulky than the rubber. But I love my babies.