Hello fellow bassists!
I was looking at pedals and this has everything I need to produce that deep new wave/post punk/goth rock sound I want, but I see it’s a legacy one and pretty much can’t find it anywhere.
Is there a pedal that does all these or do I need to buy 3 different ones -_-

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What features are you looking for? I know the Source Audio pedals can do chorus, flanger, and phaser. They also do stereo output. You can load one engine/effect to each channel and output separately, or have them mix into mono out.

(Any pedal from a series, can load the effects/engines from the rest of the series)

They also have a new multiwave pedal that’s beyond my comprehension…


yeah, for post-punk, new wave and goth you’ll want chorus and phaser, but can probably dump flanger.

For goth you’ll want reverb, for some post-punk (Jesus and Mary Chain, etc) you’ll want distortion.

Joy Division and New Order, all you’ll need is chorus.


There are lots of multi-effects pedals that will contain all of those options in one pedal. The forum folks here seem to really like the Zoom B-1.
There’s a thread dedicated to it here:

I’m more into individual pedals but then it becomes a time/cost/space issue.

I’d say check the budget first, then go down the road you can afford to go down.
The investments are going to be fairly minor as bass gear goes, so you can always resell and go the other way if you have a change of heart later.


Agreed with Gio. Eventually individual pedals are just better quality in sound/more fine tuned than you get from the Zoom. The cool thing about the zoom pedals is a few things. One you get a looper and drum machine, the best practice tools ever. Then you get 80 or so effects including some cab/amp sims. By buying a zoom pedal you get to try out the affects and see if you like them. Then you can decide to just get the individual pedal that the zoom is emulating. Meanwhile you still have all those effects and the drum machine, looper and tuner!


To anderson

Thank you I will surely check it out.
I found the SCF in a video trying to search how to replicate the 80’s post punk sound like Souxsie etc. So i guess I need Chorus/Flanger and Pitch mod? Idk to be frank I am a total noob and all these pedals I see around really make me drown in my own breath lmao

To Howard

Thank you for the help, I am scribblin’ down in muh notepud!

To Gio

Oh The zoom I thought it was legacy too and discontinued, but I will check it out for sure if I can manage to find one! Do I need any particular setup to make it work or a 6mm to 3,5mm adaptor will do the work? (For PC connectivity)
EDIT: MY BAD, I thought you were talking about an another petal. AND OMG I WANT THIS ZOOM

To kerushlow

Yeah, I figure that much that individually pedals are better but I am not sure what I should buy first. As I said it’ll be my first pedal and I was stoked to the idea with the SCF that it would have all I need for now.
I have a drum machine on PC I am not that good to use loop pedals… YET :wink:

Thank you all tried to reply to all in one comment so there won’t be a chaos!

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So the cool thing on the Zoom pedals is they HAVE flanger, phaser, wah, synth, tremolo, talk box, distortion, overdrive, delay, reverb etc…they give you the ability to try all that out and see how you like those effects. When you like one you can then decide if you want to get the individual pedal equivalent. Meanwhile you still get a looper, drum machine and tuner, all for about the same cost (maybe even cheaper) of the one pedal you are looking to get. I’d say as a first pedal the zoom multi effects (I have the B3n $160) is the best way to spend your money on a first pedal.


I guess another way of putting it…think of it like this. Imagine you were at a music shop and they had a section of every pedal (and even some amps) that you could demo right there. Then you could buy whatever of those pedals that you really liked. That is basically what a zoom pedal brings into your home. And to be clear, some of what it has sounds REALLY good. I even recorded in studio using it. It even allows you to chain up to 3 different effects together to see how they work together (the B3n anyway).


Ooh for Siouxsie you’ll want a flanger too yeah, for stuff like Israel and Arabian Knights. Also for Love and Rockets I guess too (but probably not Bauhaus).

Your best bet to play around is probably to get a Zoom B1four :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!
I am sold for the Zoom!
May the bass with you xx