Scott’s Bass Lessons

I got that email regarding “Players Path” as well and actually looked into it. It looks a bit interesting, so I’m considering going back to SBL just to try that. But, I would have to fork out $125 to do it.
I have mixed feelings about it. While it sounds interesting, do I really need it? Can anybody or any program push me any harder than I’m already pushing myself? I’m currently taking 3 different courses at TalkingBass, which I think of as a University of Music. I work on drills as much as 5 hours a day in attempt to achieve a higher level of proficiency. Is there anything in that SBL program that can get me there faster or more efficiently? This is what I have to think about.

Regarding Mark Smith over at TalkingBass, yes I agree he is a bit droll compared to the effervescent @JoshFossgreen. Keep in mind, he is an academically trained musician and he teaches the same way. Although I’ve learned a great deal in my B2B course, I’d say 75% of my skill and musical knowledge was obtained at TalkingBass.

As everyone has stated already, you can learn a lot from different teachers, but it all boils down to who you feel most comfortable with, and who is delivering the results you wish to achieve.


For someone with your discipline and drive, the answer is “very likely not”. The player’s path is a more fun way to become better for the average amateur, able to put in around 20-30 minutes a day, but not even every day. SBL might certainly offer some courses that TalkingBass is not covering, but I don’t know in detail what Mark is offering…

You might want to check out what Stuart Clayton has to offer, though. He has written excellent books in the past and now also has video lessons.


Maybe I should clarify a bit more: the way I see it, the Players Path offers direction and goals, and, along with it, a “plan”. So, this is great for people who have a hard time making a plan (e.g., because they don’t know what they should work on), but also for people who perhaps can make a plan, but then have a hard time sticking to it (e.g., because they lack motivation, or have no means to actually gauge how much better they have become (or not)).

So, not just fun :smile:


I’d agree totally with that assessment. SBL players path is just some structure over continued learning. If I had more time I could probably put together something myself for free but at the moment SBL is worth it for me.

For Pam - I think coming from Mark (Talking Bass) it would be a step back. It might be interesting to see another style of teaching but I’ve watched a lot of Marks videos and have joined his Facebook groups and he is quality. If I had the time to really devote to the bass then I’d likely focus my time there. I just find it hard work for someone of my very limited ability.


I have continually stated how much I really like Scott and SBL, I just hit a wall in his beginning Module, mid way thru. I will prob go back to that spot, and give it another go, when I feel I am at that point.
I will say this Players Path sounds very interesting, I just hope, it’s not as expensive as most of the other things at SBL.

Ahh, that’s been me to a T. What to do, where to go, what should Be do? Oh I will just work on finger strengthening excercises til I am strong enough to fret all these tough lessons, and see if I can figure out a plan…

Well, I came up with something. It did wonders for me. But this Players Path sounds like a good plan? Mine cost $100, what does Players Path cost??

Oh, $125, wow, is that for one of the 9 levels, and &125 each time you advance? All in all, it’s a good price compared to what I started, not much more.

Anyway, I am sticking to what I found, as I am no longer wandering aimlessly, and it only took 1 hour to get on track with a clear path to get where I want to go. I have assignments, material to work from, and a set time to get the work done in, in order to keep moving forward.
And I may be biased here, as many of you will understand, but this is better then any single pc of recorded material out there, better then any book or tabs, sheet, literature. Of course it combines all of that for structured use, but the key variable here is LIVE, ONE ON ONE COACHING. I started Zoom lessons with none other then Bass Buzzes one and only, Josh.

I am back on track, and Ben feel as tho I have started another Module of B2B.

Hey all, online courses, and content is great, but before forking over more money, on the next module, the next book, the next subscribtion, think about actually starting live, one on one lessons.
GC now does lessons online. I am sure that if they did not before Covid lockdown, that many teachers are now doing Zoom and Skype lessons, so your location won’t hold you back, getting to a place with your gear wont be a problem, and the shyness and awkward of showing up somewhere, like GC, all ready as a newb for your first lesson is totally eliminated.

I am sure there isinstructors out there to fit any time slot, and ever you’d get.
I have seen many ads on Let Go and Offer up for lessons as low as $30 per hour, $20 per 1/2 hour.

So your research and homework to scout out somebody that is reputable, and somebody you work well with. It might take a couple tries, but you might be able to get a first 1/2 hour free, or a discount on the first lesson so you can see if you mesh with the instructor. But if you find a good teacher, a little very high quality, super constructive time can get you soaring right back on track.

And it’s live, so you can ask questions, and make sure you know the answers, and fully understand the lesson excercises, and leave no stone turned. It takes all the guesswork out, leaving you with only focused, goal oriented work you fully understand.

I can’t even begin to express what an eye opener a live lesson was. And now I know my homework, I have a n attainable, measurable goal, and a set time to do it in, so I am ready for the next lesson.

Seriously consider live lessons with a quality instructor, I believe there is no comparable substitute out there.


Actually, it’s $124 annually for access to all his content. It’s a promotion he’s running for $50 off per year.


Yeah, that is not a bad deal at all, considering what I spend, and am willing to spend. I see it as a good second or third year option. Maybe even a good option at 6 months playing. For now, I found what I needed.

That is a very good deal at SBL IMHO.

Now that you showed me that, I do recall the emails with it. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time because I formed the idea that it was some sort of contest. Glad to now have clarity, at the time if it were clear, I still would not had done it then, but I may one day


That’s great - congrats! And you are in the same time zone, which makes it more feasible, I guess!

At the end of the day, that is very true; and preferably even IRL. But, it is also not quite that easy to find a teacher, where you find the knowledge, pedagogical insight and “chemistry” that you are looking for.


Yes. This. :arrow_up:
I find, as I get older, I have less patience when it comes to this.


I guess the point would be, don’t stop trying! Or wake up at 2am for your bass lesson. Lol


Hello, I havent tried his trial, but was in my newsletter for a long time and I was watching his vids trying to find a way to connect to him or to his playstyle.
Unfortunately, due to my ADHD, it was impossible for me to comprehend the words coming out of his mouth, and he was always like improvising stuff like shredding his bass all the freaking time like he was flexing on me while I was trying to remember 3 A’s on the fretboard.
That’s why I purchased Josh’s B2B because I can understand what the frak he’s talking about much easier. Unfortunately havent started my journey yet as I am studying for exams this month. Soon!


Hey mate,
Welcome to the club.
Most people on here have similar feelings about SBL and that’s why they are here.
Scott is an awesome bass player but he just is not a good beginner teacher.
He really is should start at intermediate and go up from there.
Good luck with you exams and enjoy the course when you get to it.
I’m having a blast with it and Josh is a real crack up.
Great teacher too.


Hey @rory,
How’s that big heavy schecter going?
Are you in the states?
Cheers Brian


Nah mate I’m an Aussie.
I live in Melbourne.
I’m getting used to my bass now.
My first was a short scale which I bought because of my disability so when I got the Schecter I copped a bloody rude shock.
It was soooo big and heavy and the neck was a good 6” longer.
I thought to myself, what have I done?
I’ll never be able to play this thing.
But know when I go back to the short it feels like a toy.
I’m loving it but I think I need to start looking at a better amp to do it justice.
I’m using a Roland 20w cube which doesn’t do it justice.
I’ve been reading about amps in the forum on here and seriously I had no idea what was involved.
Anyway in a nutshell I’m loving my bass and thanks for asking.


LOL that’s a very accurate description…


Hi @rory,
I am in Melbourne as well, that’s why we are on at similar times?