Sebastiaan Cornelissen is a nasty little SOB. :D

I’m trying to figure out a bassline for a Tristan composition.

My mind is melting.


Which one?

Aftermath (from Lifestyle). Probably my favourite Tristan song ever.

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Ah, yes, no luck… Frans has a couple of Tristan transcriptions on his homepage, but not this song!

You could try Moon Tune though :grin:

The fact that he didn’t have that would be a good reason to do it!
Moreover… do you see a beginner like me playing a bass line Frans would write for himself??? :rofl::laughing::joy:

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I was trying to tease you… none of us can play Frans’ lines! But, that doesn’t keep me from trying… ever so slowly!


Anyway. I was hoping to record tonight. Let’s see…

Got the song figured out and practiced successfully, but then spent a lot of time figuring out how to do something in Reaper that is relatively mundane in Audacity… Sebastiaan sent me an MP3 of this song without the bass track, and I wanted to have that as an audio track in my RPP.

I will document that someplace else here.

It’s been documented, but I figured out I didn’t need it, as I could just import the MP3 into a track straightaway.

Took another look at my transcription this morning, and changed a couple things. Now, more practice.


It’s soooo nice to be recording again! Let me get it on Soundcloud and post it in Covers… :blush:

Here it is:

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Trying to figure out my new homework assignment from Sebastiaan… I’m having a cranial meltdown.

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