Second hand gear in EU

Hello all!

I have been trying to find new channels to search for used gear on more affordable prices but so far I have been limited to this italian website and …

There are a couple of other Italian websites for all around used things but not being music gear specific it is usually super difficult to make a decent search…

Would any of our EU members have access to good websites to reach to sellers around Europe?

I am pretty hopeful about Germany!


Well, there are the classics (eBay, Reverb) that I know of. I would however not buy out of the EU unless you are willing to add customs and taxes to the listed price. Those could substantially increase the price for what you considered a good deal :unamused:


talkbass has a separate section for Europe and International here.


Does facebook have a ‘Marketplace’ in EU like here in US?


Yes, they have one as well… I should have added it, as I regularly have a look at the music instruments section :sweat_smile:

It’s quite useful to find things close by.


@Krescht @John_E

These are great guys! Thanks for supporting my GAS


Had some good experiences with buying gear from other countries.


Well the problem for most to find them is the language, 'cause there are plenty of them, but not in ‘English only’ written. :crazy_face:
[] ( for example, in the old days http://www… use to be mostly secondhand, to my idea. Both in Dutch, 2dehands also with French written ads.
Then you can have a look at ‘kleinanzeigen’ in German, meaning indeed ‘small ads’: for example or for example and at in Austria.

So look up the words “ads, music, bass” in the other languages, if you use google mostly you get the biggest platforms for those languages / countries on the first page. (Well almost… :smiling_imp:, read on…)

But, and that is a BIG but: search results also change depending on your settings which language to use in your search results. Something to consider changing searching in different languages, to change your browser and google (or other searchengine settings)

Let me give a small example: ‘ads’ translated to Danish is mostly translated as ‘annoncer’ by google or yet that’s not the translation you need as an advertisement (singular) is translated as ‘reklame’ in Danish.
So when searching with ‘annoncer’ (when you think you’re searching in Danish) with google you end up with the results of the French ‘annoncer’ which in English means ‘announce’ … after changing your google settings to show Danish language results first you get to see more results that are in line with ‘reklame’.

Now, if you know the differences in languages and enjoy using them, all is open for you to find. Let me just finish saying it in yet another language: “Gelok mei sykjen”
See if you can spot what language from Europe that is :call_me_hand:



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As far away from Fryslan as you can get in this country.