Selling gear on Bass Buzz

Contemplating selling a bass and was wondering if the rules allow me to offer it up here. I can’t seem to find a link to the rules on this forum for some reason.
Not sure yet if I will sell but was considering my options.


Hey, @Frisk_Cat. Here are the rules… FAQ.

You can find it by going to the three horizontal lines in the black bar beside your Blue F. click on that and go to FAQ near the bottom.

As for selling stuff, I don’t have any issue with it. I would recommend getting an official decision from @JoshFossgreen before going that route.


Hey @Frisk_Cat, I don’t have a problem with that! We don’t have a dedicated classifieds section at this point, so I’d recommend you just make a thread in the Gear forum, people can ask you questions there, and then if you have a taker you can navigate payment/shipping/etc. privately via PM, email, or whatever you like.

But to be clear, we don’t have any infrastructure to support listings, payment, etc., right now, that would all be up to you.


Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated.