Selling some gear: short scale bass/Darkglass Pedal/Midi Keyboard

In order to fund my planned purchase for my first 6-string…

I am selling one of my beloved short scales…
Gretsch G2220 Jr Jet II Short Scale bass: (pro setup, D’Addario strings, and gig bag)

Also a Darkglass Alpha Omicron effects pedal:

M-Audio Midi keyboard:

Everything in mint condition. If any of my fellow Bass Buzz folks are interested, drop me a PM with an offer!


Wow, I literally almost bought a Keystation 49 this week. Great controller. I went with an Alesis V49 instead but only because a perfectly timed sale happened - I’d have been just as happy with the Keystation too.

That’s a very good price you are asking for the Alpha Omicron in that condition. Someone should snatch that up, great pedal.


I had just started this thread… Share Your Reverb Shop Here!
If you want to add your shop over there.


The Keystation49 looks nice but you live overseas right?
I’d assume the shipping cost would be higher than the actual purchase.

If I’m missing something or shipping isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be just leave a reply. I also don’t care how long the shipping would take. For all I care it could arrive after christmas :wink: But still… I doubt there is reason for me to buy it like that instead of looking for something a bit more local.



Yes sir, I’m in the US so shipping would definitely not be worth it for such a low cost item! I’m just not using it since I got the little KORG and its just taking up space. Hopefully it can find a good home.