Semi hollow body

I am considering buying a semi hollow body bass. Anyone had experience with a Gretsch G5440LSB Electromatic, or an Ibanez AGB 200 , or any other semi hollow body they recommend ?
Interesting that second hand versions of these on ebay seem rare.

Thanks Michael

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I own a 2016 Ibanez AGBV200A. I like it but the pickups are not ideally placed in my opinion. The bridge pickup is very close to the bridge and is not much useable in my opinion. The neck pickup is very close to the neck and is fine for deep double bass like tones. Also I would have prefered single coil pickups on this one ; the soapbar humbuckers is a weird choice in my opinion. Still a nice bass. I payed 380€ for mine (used, in great shape).


Thanks Terb.
Interested in your comments on pickups. Listening to you tube reviews and demonstrations, I would buy this instrument for the neck pick up sound and would never use the bridge pickup by itself. I have a j bass and think it is much better for a punchy sound. However, the neck pickup sound seems quite different from j and even p bass neck pick ups. Closer to an acoustic bass.
In short, your comment is consistent with the impression I get looking at you tube reviews.


I haven’t played one in person yet but of all of them I listened to on the 'tube, I liked the gretsch G5442 and 5440 the best, followed by the Guild Starfire.

You might want to check out the Chowny too.


I have a limited edition version of the Gretsch (G5123) and it’s amazing. I tried every hollow body I could get my hands on and landed on this one. There was some used at GC last week. Same electronics as the regular one just a bit different styling of neck etc.


Beautiful just beautiful

I can only imagine how nice it sounds

I really miss my 5 string

I had an accident and put the knife clean through my left hand
I still have problems with it to this day

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Yes, I have that one. I chose it out of listening to YouTube videos, so it’s the only one of the usual suspects in that category I’ve played first hand. Well actually, I did get to pick up an Epiphone in GC and I didn’t think it was as lovely as this. The Gretsch is exactly the sound I was wanting. I would want to play the Guild someday just for fun to compare.

The color doesn’t look anything like most of the pictures.


Thanks for all the responses.

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I saw a review in Bass Player magazine for the semi-hollow Epiphone Jack Casady signature bass. I bought it as a supplement to my Fender Jazz. I really enjoy it. There’s a good interview on YouTube w JC reviewing what went into making it along w several other reviews of that bass. Give it a look see!!

I can vouch for the Jack Casady as well! An excellent sounding bass; though the ergonomics of it (larger body and thicker neck) can be a bit unsettling right off - definitely different than a solid, smaller sized bass body that is a lot more the norm.
The sound though is outstanding! It does have a lot of neck dive; I moved the upper strap button to the top horn of the body and it helped immensely.
A really solid choice at an excellent price point!


Has anyone looked into the Warwick Star Bass II?

Then there is the Höfner Verithin CT Long Scale Bass (in this case, their “long scale” = 34"):