Set up my first bass

Thought I’d take a crack at setting up my J bass. I like tinkering with things, and it’s fun learning new stuff. I used the John Carruthers set up videos on another site. I put La Bella DT Flats and a Babicz FCH bridge on it. I like the one setscrew adjustment on the bridge. Adjusting the truss rod was no problem. I used the measurements on the video for the truss rod, string height at the bridge and the nut.

I had to file the nut at the D string a little and I wound up using my Mk1 eyeball to adjust string height at the bridge, as the measurements on the video made the action way to low. I’m going to use it tonight, when I do a lesson here. It’s not scary. I took my time and I think everything worked out. I’m tempted to take it to the tech at GC, just to check my work.


Awesome. Always been too scared to set-up my own basses. Will have to check out John Carruthers vids. Do you have a link, please?

I assume there’s a video about incorporating your cat into the headstock of your bass? :wink:

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I’m also a member of, that is where the vids are. I’m sure they are YT also. The cat in the headstock, I just figured it out as I went. There can’t be directions for everything! :rofl:

Josh, please remove the link, if I’m not allowed to link to competing sites. Thanks. :wink:


Bravo bravo bravo! That’s awesome. I love trying stuff out on my own basses. You can always pay someone to fix it, if you need it. No teacher like experience!